Friday, May 6, 2011

Thor movie 4" Fire Blast Destroyer

My second Destroyer in the space of a month. This time its the 4" version.  

Destroyer is number 11 in the line.

A nice figure. Good sculpt, similar to the 8" version. Shoulders have only cut joints. The "monkey" arms look a bit too long. The switch for the light up feature is on his abdomen, think they could have used the head for that instead, like a couple other figures Hasbro has done before. He would look better. The head is made of translucent material and looks out of place with the rest of his body. The neck peg is transparent. Think they intended for the light to shine through the head as well but its not strong enough for that. 

"Together, we can rule the nine worlds as father and son."
You can see more of the 8" Destroyer here.

Destroyer stands a head taller than Thor.

Try picking on somebody your own size. 

A shot with some Marvel Universe figures.

Destroyer is going to err... destroy all who stands in his path.

Good figure, but could have done without the light up feature.

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