Friday, June 3, 2011

Marvel Universe Gigantic Battles Frost Giant and Loki

My Gigantic Battles Frost Giant and Loki has arrived. Now to release them and wreck havoc on the Marvel Universe !  

The Frost Giant is an awesome figure. Now here's a real giant, unlike those we got in the Thor movie line.

He looks good. The skull helmet looks almost like actual bone. Great detail on it too with the chips and cracks. The horns add to his already menacing look. The fur shoulder coverings and loincloth are nicely done and well painted. They look dry from the cold and have bits of snow stuck to them. I really like his armour. Its of the likes I haven't seen since the Toybiz Lord of the Rings line. It looks real and battleworn. Strappings on his legs and feet complete his attire. Like that he's not wearing boots and spotting toes. We rarely get barefooted characters.  

He's got decent articulation. I have difficulty moving his waist and legs though. Guess I'll have to send him somewhere where he'll feel comfortable, my freezer. Hopefully that'll sort out the joints. His right arm is hindered by the protruding shoulder fur. And I can't pose his legs forward much due to the stiff loincloth. The loincloth can bit shifted slightly higher up his waist to allow for a little more leg movement.  

He looks just as fierce without his helmet. He reminds me of an orc. Especially like the teeth and blackened lips. Can just imagine him snarling and drooling. And for some reason I just want to pull his nose ring.  

He has a stone axe for a weapon. He can hold it in either hand. Its a very tight fit in his right. Its easier to make him hold it in his left due to the finger articulation.

In this pack, we get an added bonus in Thor's arch nemesis Loki. The head is very well done. I like his horned helm. And his facial expression is great. One look at him and you can tell he's up to no good from his eyes and sinister smile. The body suits him. He's got some nice paint, I like the blend of light and dark green on his body. The gold areas are not so good. And my figure is missing a portion of his belt at the back.     

The Frost Giant can work with Marvel Legends figures. 

I prefer him against the Marvel Universe figures.

A special mention for Wasp. Aside from during release, I have hardly seen pics with her in them, so I gave her a shot here. 

The is the best Gigantic Battles pack so far. Unfortunately, its a Walmart exclusive and will be tough to get and costly. I think speciality shops might bring it in. Local collectors, you might want to check with them.       

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