Monday, June 13, 2011

Green Lantern Hal Jordan

With the movie just days away, thought I do a post on the Hal Jordan figures that I have. 

First up is Hal from the Super Powers line. Its actually quite a decent figure. He's got a fairly good likeness. Just a bit oversized. Squeeze his legs for Power Ring action. He comes with a lantern accessory and a mini comic.   

Next is a custom Hal Jordan for the JLU line. The actual JLU Hal figure is too expensive to get. Only a handful were made and they were not available for sale.

Mattel eventually released a JLU Hal Jordan figure in a SDCC exclusive three pack. But it wasn't what I wanted. Still, the figures were nice additions. 

Hal in jump suit is based on his appearance in the  Green Lantern First Flight animated feature. The figures have interchangeable heads, so we could have Hal in Green Lantern costume. If you don't mind Hal being maskless and with an exposed neck, you got a decent figure.

Hal from the Batman Shadow Tek line. Nice figure. Has an unsightly cut around the neck. Pretty good articulation for an animated figure. Neck, shoulders, elbows, waist, hips and knees. Would have preferred a fist for his ring hand. Comes with a lantern accessory.    

Hal from DCUC wave 3. This figure is my favourite. Good look, and nice proportions. He comes with a lantern accessory.

From DC Infinite Heroes. Hal's wearing a modern costume. Nice look. Decent articulation. Would be better if he was as big and as tall as a Marvel Universe figure. 

From the DCUC Walmart Green Lantern Light five pack. This version spots an older look with streaks of grey hair. 

From the DCUC TRU exclusive two pack with Sinestro. You can see his eyes in this version. Shiny paint was used for majority of his body. Came with a couple of constructs.  

From the recently released DCUC wave 17. Not green but they're still Hal. Like the colours. Prefer the Black Lantern over White. Also like the yelling mouth.

And lastly, Movie Masters Hal from the Green Lantern movie. I borrowed this figure from a friend. Don't like him much. His mask looks like a raccoon's. He's a bit short and scrawny. Articulation is restricted in some areas due to the design. The lines on his costume are quite distracting too. On the plus side, he's got a fairly good likeness. He comes with a lantern accessory and also a C&C part of Parallax which I think is ugly.    

That's all the Hal Jordan figures I have. Hope the movie doesn't disappoints.


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Great post! It's funny we both posted about Hal today :D Love it!

chunky B said...

Really nice selection of Green Lanterns, I think I only have one out of all the ones you spotlighted here, you and Super-Duper Toy Box are making me want to go hunt down some more.

Jason said...

Thanks for the comments !

@Super - didn't know there was such a figure. Looks good with cool accessories and features.