Friday, June 24, 2011

WWE Rumblers

Got these from a flea market. They're not in the best condition but they'll do for now.     

All of these figures are from the first series. They all have a pretty good likeness. They have articulation at the neck, shoulders or elbows and waist. 

John Cena, is posed to do his "You can't see me" bit. It falls a bit short, his hand covers his mouth rather than his eyes. But good effort. With wrestling figures, you want them to be able to do some signature moves or poses, even on a 2.5" figure.  

Sheamus came with John Cena in a two-pack. I know these figures are supposed to be deformed but I feel his upper body is a bit too long. Also, his left foot is made to be taking a step which causes him to be less stable. 

It's time to play the Game ! Triple H is a nice figure. Like his look and bulk. My figure lacks the print on his trunks. I'll probably get a replacement for him. Also looking to get Shawn Michaels which comes with him in a two-pack.    

CM Punk is a decent figure. His look is from when he was preaching "straight edge". His hands can get in the way of each other. Like the crosses on them. He's lacking some tattoos but he still looks good.

R-Truth spots a disappointed look on his face. Wonder if it could be part of the "conspiracy" he's been talking about lately. 

And finally, the Deadman, the Undertaker ! Nice figure. Like the hat, wished that it was removeable. Lacking tattoos but I quite like this clean look for him.  

The figures are pretty fun to play with.

They are in scale with DC Action League and Marvel Super Hero Squad.

I'm considering getting the ring for them. In the mean time, "Let's get ready to rumbbbbllleeeee !!!" 

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