Monday, February 28, 2022

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Superman (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns)

Here's a look at the McFarlane Toys Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Superman!

The collectible card.

There's not much to say about Superman. He's big and bulky, just like in the comic. He's got some nice sculpted details. The big S logo looks good. The muscle definition is good too and there's quite a bit of wrinkles on his costume. His cape is wind swept and has quite a bit of folds to it. He's lacking some paint detail. The yellow logo is missing from the cape and I also would have liked the belt loops to be painted red. 

The head sculpt looks good. It may seem awkward but that's how he looked in the comic. His head is wider and has distinct cheek bones. He's older in the story, and so has some wrinkles on his face. The eyes once again look off which is annoying. He wears a bit of a surprised expression. The skin tone of his face is a little more pale than his neck. The hair has good detail. It's long and extends some way pass his eyes.   

Black Arbor, as requested here's the Rebirth head placed on the neck. I wasn't able to pull the peg out from the McFarlane head unfortunately. It's a little small but still looks good on this body.

Accessories. He comes with a set of open hands and a base. The included Collect to Build parts are the hind legs of the horse.

Articulation. He's got a dumbbell joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, butterfly joints, swivel hinge elbows, revolver joint wrists, diaphragm joint, ball joint waist, peg hinge hips with a bit of swivel, double jointed knees, revolver joint ankles and toe hinge. He can look up and tilt his head well. Looking down is just decent. The elbows bend just about ninety degrees. The diaphragm joint and the waist joint allow decent bend to the sides and back. He can hardly bend forward.

Comparison shots.

Great figure! An alternate head would have been nice. Also some gripping hands and a Kryptonite arrow. Thanks for viewing!

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Trying to hold out on him but the more I see, the more I like