Thursday, March 3, 2022

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Collect to Build Horse (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns)

Today's post, a horse. 


Here's the parts list:

The horse is the collect to build figure of the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns wave. Some of you might ask why a horse. Well in the comic Batman rode the horse to rally the Sons of Gotham to help protect the city. The horse was what drew my attention to this set. If not for it I might not have picked it up. I'm glad I did as the figures turned out well. I like three out of four, the Joker being the weakest figure for me. 

The horse looks great. You can make out the muscles on its body. There's nice detail for the mane and tail. The body looks a little segmented but it's alright for the amount of articulation they put in.    

Just to show you the saddle. It's textured and has some nice detail on it. I like that they painted the stirrups and the rear rigging. They also painted some parts of the reins as well.   

Batman is able to sit comfortably on it. Getting him to hold the reins though can be tough. 

Articulation. The horse has a swivel at the upper neck, a big hinge at the lower neck, hinge at the "hip", swivel hinge for the knees, revolver joint "ankles" and a swivel hinge tail. It's able to pose very well. You can even put it on it's hind legs and it's able to stand with the support of its tail.

A couple of comparison shots. The other horse is from the old Toy Biz Lord of the Rings line.

And here's how it looks with some other toy lines. The horse is a little too big for use with six inch scale figures. 

The horse is great! A pity it's a bit big for use with most of my other toy lines. Thanks for viewing!

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Great mash up photos. Love it.