Thursday, February 28, 2019

Star Wars The Black Series Mace Windu

I was debating with myself whether or not I should put this up. The issue being the horrible misaligned eye paint... it obviously affects how one sees the figure and I cannot really comment on it properly. This is likely a one-off thing. That's what happens when you buy things online... Anyway I thought the figure is still pretty cool so here we are.  

We haven't got a prequel figure in awhile so it's great to see them getting some love again. This year being the 20th Anniversary of The Phantom Menace might have something to do with that. I love the Prequels! Well not as much as the Original Trilogy, but they are certainly better than the last two movies from the Sequels... 

Enough about that. Mace Windu is one of my favourite characters and I'm happy he's now part of the line. This badass Jedi looks good. Based on images online that is. It's hard to see pass the eyes on my figure... I think there's a good likeness. He looks rather young. I think of him more as a seasoned veteran and I would have liked if he had a bit more lines and wrinkles. I'm not complaining. That's just more of a personal preference. I also feel the size of his head is a bit small. He comes with his Jedi Robes. It looks big on him. But at least they got the length right. The cut and stitching is good too. 

The robes are removable. Now we can get a better look at his tunic. It looks great. It has lots of great detail on it. It's textured and you can make out the folds and creases. The colour of his attire I feel should be of a darker tone. I like that the belt has some paint detail on it.

Yea yea laugh some more at the eye paint why don't you. Hasbro please improve on your quality control. Thanks.

Mace Windu only comes with his lightsaber. Hasbro did a decent job on it. There's some nice sculpted and paint detail. The blade section looks really nice. I like its vibrant purple tone. One thing about the blade though is that it cannot be removed. At least I don't think it can be removed. I tried pulling it out but only succeeded in creating a stress mark... another gripe I have is there's no place for him to store his lightsaber. I guess there's no point to that if the blade cannot be removed. His grip on the lightsaber is a little loose in his right hand. It's fine with his left. 

Articulation. He's got a ball joint upper neck, a ball joint lower neck, butterfly joints, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, swivel hinge wrists, ball joint waist, ball hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot.

(Update: overlooked the butterfly joints.Thanks Damon for pointing it out.)

This is my first encounter of this sort of neck articulation on a Star Wars figure. I prefer the old ball and hinge. That way the character can look up and down better. With this new type he can hardly do so. He is able to cock his head better though. Another thing about this sort of articulation is that it makes it even harder to remove the head. I tried... The elbows bend at most ninety degrees. There's a bit more allowance at the waist and he's able to slant his body more (see above), more than say old Obi-wan. The lower section of the tabard is flexible and allows the legs to be raised enough for some decent poses.

Comparison shots. I prefer the look of the Figuarts version. That figure though has those noticeable revolver joints at the elbows. 

Mace Windu is a cool figure. Now I have to decide if I should get the eyes repainted or get another figure. Thanks for viewing!


Damon said...

I'm glad you put it up and that you are posting Star Wars-Reviews again. I thought the last figures - especially of the solo waves - were really great. Although, the eyes on this one speak another language ;)

The rest of the figure seems to be rather nice, though. Does he have butterfly joints in the upper body? Looks like it.

Jason said...

@Damon - I've been slowly picking up the Solo figures as and when I find them on sale. Nearly have the full set. With regards to butterfly joints, yes he has them. Totally overlooked it. Thanks for pointing it out! And thanks for viewing!

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