Thursday, February 14, 2019

Miraculous 5.5" Figures - Ladybug, Marinette, Cat Noir & Adrien

It's been all Marvel for some time so I thought I'll put up something different for a change. Here's a look at several figures from the Miraculous 5.5" toy line.

I got into Miraculous only recently. I've known of the cartoon for some time but was never really interested in it. It was only after Marinette herself (a cosplayer) strongly suggested I watch it that I gave it a shot. I found the first couple of episodes quite kiddish and boring, and I was ready to quit the series. But somehow I kept going and by the end of Season 1 I was hooked. Season 2 was better where there were some revelations and the episodes got into some backstory and started to link together. Loved it! Season 3 has started airing but I'm going to wait for maybe half a season before I get to it. I prefer to watch several episodes together. You can Google the series for more info. 

Now let's get to the toys. These figures have actually been released for some time and are not available locally as far as I know. Some characters are quite hard to find now. I'm fortunate I was able to source mine from Europe. I could have gotten the KO versions which are cheaper. Those though have a raised circle on the chest and have less articulation. Take note of those points if you're buying figures loose and want originals.

First up the protagonist of the series, Marinette and her alter ego, Ladybug. Are you able to tell they are the same person? It's hard isn't it. I mean Ladybug wears a mask and has longer ribbons... I'm just kidding. Lol. Both figures have a great likeness to how they appear in the show. Though they are done in the animated style they still have quite a bit of sculpted detail. Marinette's blazer for instance was sculpted. As are the details on her pants. There's also a couple of wrinkles on her attire. The paint apps are excellent. I especially like the flower print on Marinette's blouse. The spots on Ladybug are clean.  

Click images to enlarge.

Props to Bandai for their attention to detail. Both Marinette and Ladybug have earrings on. And in the right colour too. They could have been so easily overlooked.

Next up Ladybug's partner in fighting supervillains, Cat Noir / Adrien.

The likeness here once again is superb. Nice detail too. Cat Noir's ears were well done. I like that Cat Noir has the forearm bracers and the boot cuffs sculpted. The seams can also be seen on his suit. His "tail" which is actually a belt is attached securely and it has the belt holes in it. Nice. One minor gripe I have is that Adrien's outer white shirt is too short and it seems tucked in. I can see why they did that though. If the shirt were longer it will hinder leg articulation. I just noticed another thing. The eyes on both figures are looking to their left. It's the same with Marinette and Ladybug. It's not a big issue but it can be annoying when you want to pose the figures in a certain way. I mean imagine if you want them to hold a conversation but they are looking somewhere else. The legs of these two were warped out of the package and have some trouble standing. 

Both Adrien and Cat Noir are wearing their rings.


Marinette comes with her sling purse where she carries Tikki in and what I think is her sketchbook.

Ladybug comes with her yoyo and a heart-shaped object which I'm not sure what it is. To have her hold the yoyo simply slide it onto her hand. Both Marinette and Ladybug's accessories are translucent and pink in colour, and they have some sculpted detail on them.

Adrien comes with his sling bag and a camera. I'm a little disappointed there's no detail on his bag.

Cat Noir comes with his staff in communicator mode and an extended version of it which he uses to fight with. Both Adrien and Cat Noir accessories are translucent black. You'll notice that there are handles on some of the accessories for which to have the figures hold them by. I feel they could have done without it, especially for Cat Noir's weapon. 


Both Ladybug and Cat Noir have a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, peg hinge hips, double jointed knees and ankle swivel and hinge. Do not try and turn the waist as I don't think it's a proper articulation point. 

Both Marinette and Adrien have a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, peg hinge hips and double jointed knees.

Comparison shots.

Love the figures! Wished they had more articulation and proper, solid coloured accessories. 

Before I go I would like to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day! 

Thanks for viewing! 


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Love your blog. Great and funny entry, interesinin figures, good details

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@joel David - Thanks!