Monday, February 18, 2019

Diamond Select The Muppets Swedish Chef

I'm always on the lookout for accessories and props to use with 6" scale figures. Getting the Diamond Select Muppets Swedish Chef was a no-brainer for the tons of kitchen accessories he comes with. Will they work with other toy lines? Let's find out.

I was pleasantly surprised that the Swedish Chef comes in a box. Usually Diamond Select figures are carded.

Inside, the contents are packed neatly in trays. They sure managed to fit in quite a lot! I'll probably keep the box. Don't want to lose any accessories now.

I watched the Muppets back then. I liked the show. In fact I can still remember the theme song. Just typing that got me humming it again. I like the characters too. Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and the rest. The ones I especially like are the two old men, Statler and Waldorf for their heckling. Lol. As for the Swedish Chef I can't seem to recall much about him so I checked out some videos on Youtube to try and refresh my memory. I came across some classic and modern videos. I believe the figure is based on his modern appearance for his blue striped shirt. Also the meatballs which I think are supposed to be from his cook-off with Gordon Ramsay.

The figure looks great. It has a good likeness and has lots of nice sculpted detail. His hair, eyebrows and moustache were well done. I like how the hat came out too, with its shape and many folds. His nose has some blemishes but fortunately it's not that noticeable. His skin tone is more beige than you see in the photos. It's likely my settings are off and I do apologise for that. I love the paint detail on his clothes. The lines are clean and sharp. Check out his pants. You can make out a pattern running between some of the grids. Very nice! His apron starts out as a separate piece at the top before merging into the sculpt at the stomach area. You can make out the shape of his belly and I like the crease detail on the apron. 

Click images to enlarge. 

A close up of his face. Also to show the ring on his finger.

Now for the accessories. And he has a lot of them which I'll run through. He comes with two different spatulas, two different ladels, a rolling pin, a wooden fork and spoon, two onions, two tomatoes and two carrots. There's shading on the rolling pin which gives it a used appearance. The vegetables have faces painted on them which is typical of the ingredients the Chef uses in the show.

Moving on. There's five different pots of different sizes. Different handles too.

There's four different frying pans. Love their cast iron appearance.

The largest one has some scorch marks on the underside. Nice!

Then there's a tennis racket, a mallet, a chopper, what I think is a pepper grinder, and what I think are four meatballs. I'm thinking two of them are raw and the other two cooked. He also comes with an extra pair of gripping hands. The grip of each hand is of a different size and you'll have have to try out which holds whichever object better. 

Almost forgot the flat skillet pan. The meatballs are hollow.

He also comes with a chicken. There's nice feather detail on it and the paint apps are good and vibrant. She has eyelashes painted on. 

And finally the table. You can make out the grain on the top and on the legs.  

The table is too short to be used as a regular table for the 6" scale. But maybe it can be used as a coffee table.

Articulation. The Swedish Chef has a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, swivel hinge wrists, peg hinge hips, swivel hinge knees and ball joint ankles. The head has only rotation. The elbows bend less than ninety degrees. The bottom of the apron is flexible and he can raise his legs a bit. The ankle joint offers some pivot.

I'm happy to say the accessories may be used with some 6" toy lines. 

To give you an idea of the size of the figure.

The Swedish Chef is a nice figure. But really the attraction of this set are the accessories. Great stuff! Thanks for viewing!

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