Friday, June 9, 2017

UPCOMING: Transformers Atrium Events

Get your hands on the new Transformers: The Last Knight toy range!

Have you been waiting for the new wave of Transformers: The Last Knight toys? Well it's finally coming! There will be not one, but two atrium events for you to check them out. There's the atrium event at Takashimaya B2 and there will be one at Waterway Point B2 East Wing Atrium. Major stores will likely have the new waves as well but you'll want to hit the atrium events to get your hands on exclusive merchandise, take part in interactive activities and games, and redeem gifts! More details within!

Team Autobot or Team Decepticon? Hold on tight to your seats as Transformers bring you along the exhilarating battles between the Autobot heroes and the Decepticon villians with the Transformers: The Last Knight toy range, which includes the following figure assortments: Legion Class, Titan Changer, Turbo Changer as well as Premier Edition.

Takashimaya B2 Atrium (13 - 26 June 2017)

Snag the exclusive Optimus Prime Premier Voyager with Accessories ($59.90) and whisk yourself off to an epic mission with your team. Come face to face with the valiant Optimus Prime and the capable Bumblebee at the Live Show and Meet & Greet held from 19-25 June!

Be rewarded when you spend! The first 60 customers who spend a minimum of $300 will earn an exclusive Battle Damage Optimus Prime Voyager figure. If you’re a Takashimaya card member, we have great news for you! Spend a minimum of $300 – the first 300 get a free Transformers backpack! Greater news - the first 50 to do so will receive a pair of Gala Movie Premier tickets to the Transformers movie on 22 June.

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Waterway Point B2 East Wing Atrium (19 - 25 June 2017)

Relive the memories and battles of Transfomers with the Transformers 1 – Transformers 4 movie product showcase and pose with the Transformers movie piece! You’re about to get hooked on the “Guess the Transformers characters” game –for 3 lucky draw prizes of Transformers Bluetooth Speakers! 

Snap up the Transformers Asia Leader and the Transformers Masterpiece Bumblebee (only 50 pieces exclusive for the atrium)! Spend $15 min and receive a Transformers tote bag, spend $25 min and receive a goodie bag filled with Transformers goodies. Spend a minimum of $200 and redeem an exclusive battle damange Barricade deluxe figure!

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Think you know all about Transformers? Think again because there’s more than meets the eye! Head down to Takashimaya and Waterway Point to see for yourself what Transformers has to offer this June holidays!

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