Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight Legion Class Optimus, Megatron, Drift & Crosshairs

Just some pics of some Transformers: The Last Knight Legion Class figures which are available in stores now.

The majority of the figures you see here are from series 2. The odd one out being Optimus Prime which is from series 1. I won't go much into Optimus as he's basically a repaint. He is mostly blue in colour this time round and is lacking quite a bit of paint detail. The others are more interesting as they are making their first appearance in the Legion Class assortment.

Drift looks decent. He's a little awkward with those thin, curved lower legs but the rest of him is fine for the price point. His Samurai style torso has some nice sculpted detail. The Autobot logo was actually moulded. 

Crosshairs is a simple figure. On one side is the bot mode and on the other is the vehicle. There's not much transformation involved. I like that the windscreen was painted with gloss black. It gives the impression of a glass surface. 

Megatron I think you'll agree with me is the standout of this bunch. He looks nice and proportionate. And there's great sculpted detail for a small figure. There's some nice paint detail too. He carries his cannon on his right arm. I said it looked like a shield in the Knight Armor Megatron post but I think it's actually his cannon. The wings stick out quite a bit but I don't really mind it.

A quick comparison shot.


Drift - Ball joint shoulders on up and down hinge, ball hips

Optimus - Ball joint shoulders, elbow hinge and ball hips.

Megatron - Ball joint shoulders, ball hips and knee hinge.

Crosshairs - Ball joint shoulders and ball hips.

Alternate mode

The alternate modes usually look better than the bot mode for Legion Class figures and it is again true here.

Megatron gets a solo pic because I like him best. I have a minor issue with his alt mode and that is his bot hands are peeking out just a bit at the front.


Can't forget the transformations now can we. Check it out in the video.

Like I said before, Megatron is the standout for me. The rest are just okay. Thanks for viewing!

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