Sunday, June 11, 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight Knight Armour Turbo Changer Megatron

While waiting for the voyager and leader class Megatron, here's a look at the Knight Armour version. 

The Knight Armour Turbo Changer assortment comes in an open style packaging. Other figures in this line include Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.  

The Knight Armour assortment is a line meant more for kids but from Megatron's appearance alone you might not have thought it as he looks really good. I like the size and bulk of him, and also the proportions. He's big and imposing. There's lots of nice sculpted detail all around. The exterior looks tough and durable. Transformers toys based on the live action movies can be dull looking but that is not the case with Megatron. The brownish yellow and grey helps break up the greyish blue of the majority of his body. The Decepticon logo was well painted on. I'm not happy with it's position though as there's a line which runs through it.

A close up of his head. He looks menacing with the gritted teeth. I think this head looks better than the one on the voyager version. The mouth here is grey compared to gold which I think contrasts too much. I would have liked if his red eyes were brighter.  

Maybe even light up eyes. Imagine how they would appear through the helmet. It would be really cool! As for the helmet, well that's the main feature of the figure. Knight armour. I don't know if we will see it in the movie. Guess we'll have to wait and see. There's a tab located on his back which you push and the helmet will spring out. The location of the tab is such that you may press it when you are holding the figure.

In terms of articulation, there's only a hinge for the elbows. I would have liked if it also had the basic five points of articulation.

There's a shield of sorts on his right arm. It fits with the overall knight theme. Now all he needs is a weapon. He does have gripping hands and they could have easily included a sword or something. The shield is not removable unfortunately. I say unfortunate as the protruding point sticks out in his jet mode. You'll see what I mean in a little bit.

A quick comparison with the voyager class Optimus. I really like the size of this Megatron.

Megatron transforms in only four steps!

I have illustrated the transformation below. The legs must be pressed together first as the torso section will slide down over the legs as you do step number three. Speaking of which I found it easier to pull the torso down instead of pulling the arms up together as shown above. 

The jet mode looks good. Really solid. It just needs a little bit more paint detail.

Remember that shield piece from earlier? Well it's sticking out at the back of the jet. 

Megatron is a nice figure.  I like it more than I thought I would. I wished that it had more articulation and maybe a weapon. 

Before I go here's a quick video of the transformation. I'm just trying things out.

Thanks for viewing!

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