Monday, November 28, 2016

Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2016 Recap

I have great. I have time. Ugh! Great time! Lol! Not the best wording I know but yeah I had a great time at Anime Festival Asia 2016 (AFA2016) which concluded over the weekend. The event was once again held at the Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre and we had three days of fun and excitement! 

I wasn't able to check things out fully due to other commitments but on a positive note, it saved me from jostling with the massive crowd. And I do mean massive! Especially so at the weekend. The lines for tickets extended at times three quarters of the way down the concourse level. I think they even had to stop sales at one point! You can imagine what the inside of the exhibition halls were like.

A good thing I got majority of my photos done on the first day. Let's get to the toys which were kinda disappointing to be honest. There wasn't too many new items on show and the exclusives were not tempting enough. For me anyway. With regards to Good Smile Company several of the items we've seen before. It's great for those who haven't got them yet. 

I liked the Touken Ranbu display they put up.

I don't collect statues and it's always impressive to see a bunch of them together.

The following is the upcoming Nendoroid Betsu Ten Gai from Thunderbolt Fantasy. I'm not familiar with the series but the figure looks great. There's some nice sculpted detail. I think the skulls on his attire were sculpted. And I like that mask accessory he's holding. Betsu Ten Gai along with Lin Setsu A will be released next year. 

Over to Bandai now where they showcased their Perfect Grade RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex. Shiny! The "Golden Phoenix" as it is also known as is only available on the Premium Bandai site and retails for near SG$550. This item is limited so if you want one you better hurry!  

Here are some of the displays at the Bandai booth. 

There were lots of items for sale but I feel the deals were better at the recent Bandai Model Kit Fair. 

Kotobukiya was the most interesting toy booth for me this time round with their wide range Frame Arms Girl figures.

The Powered Guardian caught the eye but I'm really trying not to go into another toy line.

Those into Smart Dolls will definitely want to keep an eye out for this Frame Arms Girl model. 

The Kotobukiya booth was also where you could catch Angie! Just one of the nine Celebrity Cosplayer Guests!

Other Celebrity Cosplayers include Reika and Baozi and Hana. They really know how to set hearts a flutter judging from the screams of the audience.

Reika (Viktor)

Hana (Zen) and Baozi (Jumin)

They saved the best for last. And that was Piko-Taro's appearance. Call me crazy but I went back Sunday evening just to catch him. And it was worth it! I think the hundreds around the Akiba Stage felt the same.

Piko-Taro was funny and entertaning! His performance was the highlight of my visit to AFA2016!

I took a video but from the distance I was at it didn't turn out so well. Instead I'll direct you to the video the Straits Times took. Follow this link

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That's all for now! Thanks for viewing!