Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Collecting Magic: From Stamps to Wands

I visited the Collecting Magic: From Stamps to Wands Exhibition today which is being held at the Singapore Philatelic Museum (SPM) from now till 30 June 2017. The event features Harry Potter stamps from around the world and also movie memorabilia. I must say SPM is doing a good job of getting visitors to revisit. Or I should say getting me to revisit. They have held a number of interesting exhibitions the past couple of years. I recall the Star Wars, DC Super Heroes and Snoopy ones just to name a few.

Harry Potter first came to know of the wizarding world through a letter and it is fitting the event is held at SPM. 

The stamps are the main attraction and you'll want to inspect them carefully. SPM is running a contest where you can stand a chance to win some Harry Potter collectibles. Be sure to collect the entry form from the ticket counter. What you have to do is to count the number of stamps that feature the owl. Oh hey! There's a couple in the following image.

Here's a sample of what you can see. 

Check out this LEGO Diagon Alley. 

There's also a couple of animated portraits.

While you're there, do check out the other ongoing exhibitions. The Singapore Journey: 50 Years Through Stamps brought back memories. I collected stamps when I was younger and actually had several of the stamps which are on display. The Shakespeare Exhibition is interesting and informative. You can read about the Beginnings of Theatre in London, learn of some of the words and phrases Shakespeare coined, and some of the insults that he wrote in his plays. 

The Singapore Journey: 50 Years Through Stamps

Shaking It With Shakespeare Exhibition

More Than Monkeys

I think the Collecting Magic: From Stamps to Wands Exhibition is worth a visit. The displays and set up are well done. Admission is free for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.  

I'll be off now. Thanks for viewing!

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