Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Star Wars Rebels Fifth Brother, Seventh Sister and Maul

A Star Wars Rebels triple threat! Featuring the Fifth Brother, Seventh Sister and Maul.

I'll start with the Fifth Brother since he was released earlier. He is from the Space series in The Force Awakens line. It took me awhile to get this figure as this particular series did not show up at local retail as far as I know. He is just an okay figure for me. I feel the head sculpt is poor. He strikes me as being wise and calm, and not a cruel Inquisitor we know him to be. Maybe he'll look better with a bit of paint. I do like the "hat", and the rest of his attire. There's nice detail on it. The design at his back and mid-section were sculpted, as were the big "belt buckle", forearms guards and boots. There's also sculpted seams and wrinkles. I love the size of the figure. He is big and imposing. The paint apps are superb. The Imperial logos were very well painted on his shoulder pads. 

He comes with his double bladed lightsaber and a weapon of some sort which is a piece used to combine with other parts to form a larger weapon. 

It is instructed he holds the weapon like you see in the following pic. It looks pretty cool actually. He has to lean back in order to remain standing while holding it.  

Next up is his partner, the Seventh Sister. She left more of an impression than he did in the show. She came across as being more sinister. I think this is a great looking figure.  I have a couple of issues with it though but the main one would have to be the eyes. They were not painted at the same level, so her right eye is higher than her left... I only saw one of this two-pack on the pegs if not I would have chose a better piece. With certain figures it's better to just grab it first. I like how the helmet and her attire came out. It's really nice. Her chest armour, forearm guards and boots are shiny. They may seem scuffed in the pics but that is just the light being reflected. The Imperial logos were very well painted on her arms. Her arms by the way were made with a soft, rubbery type of plastic which makes them a little fiddly to move. Another issue is she has difficulty standing and I used sticky tac for her in the pics. 

She comes with a mask, her lightsaber and one of her mimic droids. All of which were used in the show. I love it when they include relevant accessories. She has trouble holding her lightsaber. The grip is better in her left hand but it sill falls off easily. 

The mask fits very well into her helmet.  

You may have noticed a hole in the back of the figure earlier. That's where she can store the mimic droid, just like in the show. It's just the head portion though, but it's still cool. You first unpeg the head of the mimic droid and attach it to her back. Nice! 

And now the Old Master. You may know him better as Darth Maul, or Maul as he calls himself these days. The figure is of how he appeared at the end of Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels. He looks pretty menacing.There's good sculpted detail on his lower body. The belt, straps and pouches were sculpted and his pants is textured. I like the gun metal colour used for his legs. The paint apps are good. The markings on his body were well painted on.

He comes with a hood, his lightsaber and a dual-projectile launcher. The blades of his lightsaber are not removal. I would have liked him to be able to use a single blade lightsaber as well.

The hood fits very well on his head and like his pants, is textured.

He can equip the dual-projectile launcher. He looks pretty bad-ass with it I must say. It's too heavy for him to carry though and he will fall. The two projectiles may be fired by pushing the button on the back. The projectiles have soft, rubbery heads.

All three have only five points of articulation. The arms the Seventh Sister takes some fiddling due to their very rubbery nature. And her legs can hardly be moved due to the "skirt" piece.

Comparison shots.

Nice figures! These three are must haves for Star Wars Rebels fans. Thanks for viewing!

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