Monday, July 18, 2016

STGCC 2016 UPDATE 2: Second Wave of Pop-Culture Personalities

STGCC adds prolific comic artists Haruhiko Mikimoto, Emma Rios and Jacob Chabot into its powerhouse lineup of guests

The Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) 2016 has just unveiled its second wave of renowned pop culture personalities such as the legendary Haruhiko Mikimoto, graphic novelist Emma Rios, Marvel Tsum Tsum writer Jacob Chabot and fan­ favourite artist, Sakimichan.

Immerse in the fantastical realm of comics

Haruhiko Mikimoto

Revered as one of the best characters designers of his time, ​ Haruhiko Mikimoto is among the most respected and beloved illustrator, character designer and manga artist from Japan. Mikimoto has created iconic anime characters for the titles like The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Macross 7, Gunbusters, Mobile Suit Gundam 0800: War in the Pocket and the recent hit Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.


Digital artist ​ Sakimichan ​charmed thousands of fans worldwide with her breathtaking fantasy art of characters from popular games, movies and anime. She is also extremely popular for her unique interpretation of classic anthropomorphic cartoon characters. Rarely participating in conventions, Sakimichan will be making her first ever Asian appearance here at STGCC 2016.

Emma Rios

A well­ received graphic novelist known for her surreal artwork and thought provoking stories,​ Emma Rios has been working on comics full­time since 2007. Having illustrated for Boom! Studios (Hexed) and Marvel (Doctor Strange, Amazing Spiderman), she returned to creator owned productions in 2013, thanks to Image Comics. She has just published I.D., her first solo graphic novel, and currently co-­edits the Island magazine with Brandon Graham.

Hwei Lin

Hwei Lin is further proof that regional comic book artists can make it big on the international scene too. Together, Emma Rios and Hwei Lim will present their collaborative work, Mirror: The Mountain (published by Image Comics), making its global debut exclusively at STGCC 2016. The first arc of a 
story about the mage­ scientists of The Synchronia and the sentient animals of Irzah colony, the comic ponders upon existential questions. Mirror’s thoughtful story and breezy, beautiful art is a magical combination that will take your breath away.

Stephanie Hans

Even prior to the official announcement, fans have been eagerly anticipating ​ Stephanie Hans​ arrival in STGCC. The enigmatic and ethereal style of the French illustrator has garnered her hordes of followers around the world. Working mostly for Marvel as a cover and interior artist, Hans has lent her magic touch on covers of Storm, Journey into Mystery, Angela, Thor, Black Widow, Guardians of the Galaxy, and many more.

Jacob Chalot

Jacob Chabot ​ brings his colourful, funny and sometimes slapstick brand of comics for the first time to STGCC 2016! An Eisner Award ­nominated and New York Times bestselling cartoonist, Chabot is the writer for the brand new Marvel Tsum Tsum miniseries, and is well­ known for his work on all­ages comics like Plants vs Zombies, Hello Kitty and his creator-­owned series, The Mighty Skullboy Army. Tying in with his appearance, a Marvel Tsum Tsum #1 STGCC variant has been specially commissioned for sale. It is available for purchase on the STGCC website:

Party at STGCC in AKIBA style!

Recognising the passion of Japanese pop culture fans, STGCC 2016 will be featuring the first ever AKIBA POP STAGE​ . Presenting popular culture that is celebrated in Akihabara Tokyo, STGCC 2016 will showcase indies idol units, namely ​ GuildStars from Akiba Guild​, ​ Road of Alice, Rie Yunohara and Rio Hiiragi​. Joining the idol units on stage will be ​ Sae Tsukiyama and Tracy (Amateras Records)​, representing the doujin culture from Akihabara. Together with nomico and Masayoshi Minoshima (Alstroemeria Records) who were included in the first guest announcement, fans can expect energetic performances by the artistes and experience the party in true Akiba style!

It’s all about family fun at STGCC 2016! 

Kids Cosplay Parade will also make its return after its popular debut last year. Children aged from 5 to 12 years old are welcomed to dress up as their favourite superhero, villain or princess. The parade will be held on Sunday, 11 September 2016. First 20 participants will receive goodie bags, so sign up 
now! More details can be found on

Tickets and merchandising for STGCC 2016 are available via Tickets will also be on sale at authorized retail outlets from 22 July onwards. Check
  • SGD19 for a one­-day pass
  • SGD28 for a two-­day pass
  • SGD120 for VIP packages (limited to 300 pax) 
  • 10% off for STGCC merchandise for online ticket purchase (limited merchandise quantities)

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