Monday, July 4, 2016

COSFEST XV (2016): Cosfest Reborn

Just some pics from Cosfest XV which was held over the weekend at D'Marquee Downtown East. This year's edition was a bit special as it featured several movie partnerships which included Terra Formars, Ice Fantasy and Suicide Squad. 

I was most interested in the Suicide Squad segment. It was great to see a fairly large portion of the event dedicated to it. A large billboard was setup in the event hall. There was also a DC Fanart Exhibition. 

In addition there was a prison backdrop and a bar inspired by the Suicide Squad movie set up.

You meet all sorts of characters at the bar...

On stage there was a a Suicide Squad show put up by the Singapore Cosplay Club and also a DC Comics Super Runway. I enjoyed the runway segment. I loved seeing the various DC characters walking down to familiar DC themes such as the Superman theme, Batman: The Animated Series theme and Teen Titans theme to name a few. You can see more pics in the gallery. The link bottom of the page.

The runway was open on Sunday to any cosplayer who wanted to experience walking down one. A good number took the opportunity to do so in the Grand Walk segement. Touken Ranbu seemed to be the order for the day as you'll see in the gallery.

Many song and dance performances were held over the two days. They have been a feature of the event. As is the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) Singapore. I had great elbow room this time round. Previously I would have been squeezed trying to catch the performances. The WCS saw four teams participating this year. Props to them for putting in the time and effort for their acts. I thought the fight sequence in one of the acts was overly long. I'm no expert but maybe they could have paused and added some dialogue to develop the story. The winners are the two (red and black) in the centre of the following pic. I'm sorry but I can't recall their names...

Right here are the galleries:  

Suicide Squad Segment

DC Comics Super Runway

Cosfest Grand Walk

Saturday Cosplay Gallery

Sunday Cosplay Gallery

That's all for now. Thanks for viewing!

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Unknown said...

ces cosplayeurs sont vraiment magnifique, ils ont fait les costumes eux-même? j'ai juste acheté dans une boutique(, la qualité est bien mais je sait pas si faire mon propre costume sera mieux.