Tuesday, October 13, 2015

S.H.Figuarts Harley Quinn (Injustice: Gods Among Us)

I got this earlier this year. I really should have opened it up sooner. She's a beauty!

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I passed on Batman and the Joker. But with Harley I just had to pick her up. She's every bit as gorgeous as the promotional pics. She's got a great head sculpt. I love all her facial expressions. It's just like her. She's spotting an evil smile out of the package. Love it! The paint apps are great. Her eyes, lips and facial paint were done very well. Her mask was sculpted on. There's just a little black bleeding from it. Her hair has good detail. Her pigtails look like sausages and a little out of place for me though. Her attire is outstanding. Loving the spikes on her jacket and boots. They are a little sharp so do take care when handling the figure. Her jacket is a separate piece stuck on. I like the written words on the back. They help show off her character. She wears strapping on her arms and legs. They all were well sculpted. She carries some knives at her hips and lower leg. The knives at her hips are not removable. The colours and paint again are superb. They even painted in all the buckles. 

Accessories. She comes with two extra faces, one has her with a normal cheeky smile whole with the other she's furious with gritted teeth. There are several interchangeable hands. There's a pair of fists, gun holding hands, gripping hands and a pinching right hand. She also comes with a joker card, two guns and a giant hammer. 

The guns are made of metal. That's right you read it right. Metal. They have some nice detail on them. I would have liked more as they look a little plain. The guns have some weight to them but she has no problems holding them with both her gun wielding and gripping hands.

The giant hammer is a favourite weapon of Harley's and they did a good job of it. The diamonds on the head were all sculpted. The target on both sides of the head were well painted. There's strapping on the handle and she can hold it okay. She just has a little trouble holding it with both hands close together. That is when she swings it.

With her pinching hand she's able to hold the joker card.

I forgot to mention the knife earlier. It was strapped to her left leg. The handle is shaped like a joker's face.

Articulation. She has swivel hinge joints at the neck, pigtails, shoulders, wrists and ankles. In addition, she has bicep swivel, elbow hinge, ball joint torso, ball hips and knee hinge and toe hinge. She can hardly look up. And the toe hinge is not of much use. 

Comparison shots. I think she works fine with Mattel DC figures. I would have compared her with the Injustice Batman but I don't think I bought it. 

This is an excellent figure! I love the look and accessories, plus she has good articulation. Thanks for viewing!