Saturday, October 24, 2015

DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series The Batmobile

The Batmobile has arrived!

This thing is massive! The box is huge! I got a couple of looks lugging it back on the train. The box is simple in design. On the top is the Batman: Tha Animated Series (BTAS) title and on the front is an outline of the Batmobile. The back features the BTAS logo as well as pics of the actual toy itself.

The Batmobile is packed in a plastic tray. The top is a full tray shell. There are two separate trays for the bottom which support the wheels.

And here it is! It's a beauty isn't it. The BTAS Batmobile is one of my favourites. I love it's long, sleek look. DC Collectibles did an awesome job with this piece. I'm still in awe of the size of it. Truly outstanding. 1/12 scale vehicles don't come along often and I didn't think we were going to get one. This opens up lots possibilities. I wonder if we're going to get the Batwing. I also hope we get the TNBA version as well. Look at me all excited. I haven't taken the time to fully appreciate this piece yet. The Batmobile is mostly black in colour. The body is wider at the front and narrows towards the back. The whole body was very well shaped. There's not a lot of detail which is how it was in the show. There's some nicely sculpted areas such as the grey front grill, the vents on the top and the hubcaps. Behind are the thrusters which we often see burst to live in the show. I'm not sure but I think the tyres are made of rubber which is great.

Click on the pics to enlarge.

The bottom is a plain, grey lined solid piece. The Batmobile has electronics and the battery compartment can be found here.  It runs on three double A batteries. 

Now for the features. It may not be apparent in the following pic, but the front set of wheel do turn a bit.  

The canopy slides open. There's a groove running down the centre of the body which allows for it. The canopy can be a bit of a pain to slide. It takes some fidgeting. Just take care when doing it. You don't want to break it. I was hoping it would be mechanical. 

A view of the interior. The steering wheel, dashboard, gear stick and control panel were all very well done. The steering wheel has the buttons at the end of the handles. Great attention to detail there. The gear stick was made of a soft flexible plastic. It does not shift. It would have been cool if it did.

Safety first. The Batmobile is equipped with seatbelts. They are elastic for use with various figures. Not oversized ones of course. I would have liked to put Penguin behind the wheel.

Once you have the driver seated, the steering wheel may be pulled out and adjusted to the desired distance for him.

The BTAS Batman figure is a little troublesome to fit inside due to his cape. There is less issue with Robin as he is smaller and his cape is shorter. The canopy is able to close properly with them seated.

A look at the electronics. The circular panels on the dashboard and the display of the control panel lights up.

It's quite bright and they illuminate the occupants a lot.

The Batmobile has working headlights and lights for the thrusters behinds. The sides and lower row are red while the main thruster has an orange light. 

"Chicks dig the car."

Sometimes the unwanted kind...

Comparison shots. It's larger than the Mattel '66 Batmobile by quite a bit. You can imagine how much more intimidating it is for anyone who comes across it.

The Batmobile is simply awesome! The electronics are nice. I was hoping for some more features Like maybe the wheels could have spikes coming out. For those in Singapore, check with GnB Comics to see if they have any more available. Thanks for viewing!


ayak said...

You waited until you got home?I would've started playing on the train! Haha!! Awesome toy man! I usually unbox some figs over at mamak with some Teh Tarik while some people stare...

Unknown said...

Where can I get a replacement battery cover for this