Sunday, October 4, 2015

Marvel Avengers Infinite Series 3.75" Chameleon

A man of many heads... I mean faces. The Chameleon.

You kinda expected the Chameleon to be released in the line, seeing how his head appeared with Mysterio. This figure uses that same head sculpt and it is appropriately coloured. It is white with some light grey wash. My figure has a mole above his eye which is annoying. The torso is new. I like the suit. There's a single button visible which maybe we could have done without. The arms and legs look to have come from Professor X.  While it looks good, the suit restricts hip articulation.

He comes with two additional interchangeable heads. They are of Norman Osborne and Spider-man. I believe the Chameleon actually appeared as Spider-man like this in the comics. He's not fooling me though. 

The Norman Osborne head is the same one as on the Iron Patriot variant figure. There are differences though. This one is unpainted and has a lighter skin tone and blue eyes. 

You of course need not limit yourself to the above two disguises. Have fun trying out and see what other heads work.  

Articulation. He's got a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, wrist swivel, ball hips, swivel hinge knees and swivel hinge ankles. That's quite decent for a 3.75" scale figure. That is if the joints were usable. He can hardly lift legs up due to his suit. That is really frustrating... The ankle hinge cannot be used as well. 

Comparison shots.

The Chameleon is a nice figure and will look good on display. I don't know what to say about the hip articulation issue. It's something that Hasbro really should not have let happen... Thanks for viewing!


Fred Meyer said...

You know... I was all set to pass on a lot of this way until I read the reviews here.

Excellent shots as always. This site has a real knack for photography that brings the figures to life!

foldabotZ said...

The lower legs are directly taken from the Professor X figure but not quite the thighs. The Professor X figure's body is reuse from the SDCC-exclusive GI Joe Rise of Cobra Destro, thus have the screw construction in the legs. The thighs of Chameleon are new molds, since they lack the screws and are each cast as one whole piece with the same hip sockets as every other MU figure, but are still molded very similarly.