Thursday, October 29, 2015

Gunpla Expo 2015 (Singapore)

The Gunpla Expo has come again! The largest Gundam Model Kit Exhibition in Singapore is now on till 8 November 2015 at the Nex Shopping Mall Level 1 atrium. Here are some pics from the event.

I found the exhibition to be more spacious this year. There's enough room for you to browse the various displays without backing into someone else. What I like best is that they have set up a sales area where you can actually browse the merchandise. In previous editions the kits were packed on shelves at the cashier and you had to read the signs or the catalogue to see what's available. There's a 20% discount going on for most regular priced items. The discount is not applicable for the Limited Items though.

Speaking of which, here are the Limited Items for the event.

The MG V Gundam " Ver.Ka" Mechanic Clear Version looks really cool. A good thing it's not available yet. Otherwise I will be seriously tempted.

Check out the following pic for availability information. Note the dates!

Click images to enlarge.

Now for some sights from the exhibition. The main highlight for me would have to be the giant 35 Years of Evolution display. If you are new to Gundam this is a great way to find out more. The kits illustrate well all the points. Learn of the different scales, how they introduced more colours for the kits, the inner structure, the types of materials used and so on. There's also some trivia, such as which is the largest Gundam. See for yourself the 1/144 scale Neo Zeong which stands at 86cm!

I like SD Gundam for their cuteness and affordability. Mostly affordability. I haven't picked up any in a long while though. I'm trying to streamline and focus. Now with the EX-Standard they are even harder to resist. They feature increased articulation and poseabilty. Very cool! I only spotted the RX-78-2 on sale. I didn't see the Strike Gundam.   

Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans is a new series which is currently airing. The following are new and upcoming models from the series. Many of these 1/144 HG Gundams will be released later this year. 

Here's the Gundam: The Orgin display. We get a good look at the 1/144 HG Mobile Worker 01 Late Type (Mash).

Gundam Buildfighters and Buildfighters Try.

Here's another piece which I'm tempted to get. Bearguy F. The little one is just so cute.

You can see more of the exhibition displays in the gallery. (when it's up)

It's time I moved on to the submissions for the Gunpla Builders World Cup (GBWC) Singapore. There are always numerous submissions every year.

Here's just a couple of them.

Links to the galleries as follows:

Gunpla Expo 2015

Gunpla Builders World Cup

Do head down to Nex Shopping Mall and check out the exhibition for yourself. Thanks for viewing!

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