Friday, July 17, 2015

Marvel Infinite Ant-Man (movie) & Ant

I watched the Ant-Man movie today. I thought it was good. I enjoyed it more than I did Avengers: Age of Ultron. It draws you in right from the start where we see familiar faces. The main characters I felt were well portrayed. I like to see more of Hope. The ants were interesting too. The effects are superb and the fight scenes are fun. A visual treat! There are two end credits scenes. One is a development many would have kinda expected. The other leads into Civil War.

Right here's a look at Ant-Man and his Ant companion from the Marvel Infinite line.

This is a good looking 3.75" scale figure. It's better than what I expected. What immediately struck me was the detail. He's got a great head sculpt. He's wearing the full helmet here and it looks just as detailed as the Marvel Legends version. I like the shiny silver paint. This one lacks the shading though. The black area above the mouthpiece should be dark silver or grey, but this is still okay. The suit has a tough durable look to it. The metal parts were all sculpted. The belt is a separate piece and sits just a little too high. The red areas are too bright and shiny. They should have at least followed the ML version with that. 

Here's his ant companion. It has a name which you'll find out in the movie. It was done pretty well. I like the sculpt. The head reminds me a lot of "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids", the scene where the kids were hitching a ride on him. It has that friendly sort of look. Maybe it's because of it's shiny black eyes. The antenna are long and have sculpted detail on them. The body is quite light. The surface is textured which is great and it has a light brownish wash on it. The legs are problematic. They come off easily. You can make it stand properly, you just need to position the back of it's body for support. It has two translucent yellow wings. They have nice veiny detail. They were made with a stiffer type of plastic and have quite some weight. The ball joints where they connect to the body are loose and cannot support them. So we'll have to leave the wings in a flat horizontal position. 

Articulation. There are ball joints at the neck, legs and at the middle of his body. There also ball joints at the "shoulders" of the front pair of legs.

Ant Man can sit comfortably at the middle of it's body.

The ant is so big the Marvel Legends figure doesn't look out of place on it.

Ant-Man's articulation is decent. He's got a ball hinge neck, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, waist rotation, ball hips, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot. I would have liked if he had thigh swivel.

Comparison shots.

I think this is a good and fun set to get. The ant has it's faults but I like it. Thanks for viewing!


Anonymous said...

hi where did you get this set from? Been trying to find this in Singapore. Any help would be great man. Thanks!

Jason said...

Hi, the Ant-Man set should be available in most department stores and Toys R Us.

cray said...

Hi there how much would be the antman marvel legends and antman marvel infinite? Thanks you.

Jason said...

Marvel Legends retails for SGD39.90 in Singapore. If I recall correctly the price of the Marvel Infinite Ant-Man with Ant set is also SGD39.90.

cray said...

Thank you for the reply. BTW nice review. Will visit SIngapore this week and would like to know if Simply toys carry Marvel Legends line and if they also retail for SGD39.90? (excluding the discount if member)

Jason said...

Simply Toys do carry Marvel Legends. They are selling in sets the last I saw. The price should be the same.