Friday, July 24, 2015

Hamleys Opens in Singapore

There's a new toy store in town! Hamleys, the famous British toy store is now open at Plaza Singapura. This is their flagship store in Singapore and it is located in the new wing at units #01-67 and #03-65 to 69. They are on two floors! Imagine the amount of toys they must have.

I went to check it out during the sneak preview yesterday evening. There was a carnival atmosphere in the air as the Master of Ceremonies was out and about, cheerfully beckoning people to the store. He had a very friendly demeanour and he spoke with a British charm.

Here's a shot of the store front on level one which was taken when I was leaving. It's hard to miss. You'll see it immediately when you come up from Dhoby Ghaut MRT and when you come in from the bus stop. 

As the opening time for the preview drew near, Hamley and Hattie bear as well as the staff came out to greet us. The staff even sang a song for us. Everyone was in good spirits. A young girl was chosen from the crowd to cut the ribbon and officially open the store. 

The first floor has a smaller area but still abundant in toys. Here you'll find plush and electronic toys, British themed toys and some featured items.

The third floor is where the bulk of the goodies is at. Soft toys, board games, action figures, dolls, cars, puzzles, arts and craft and more! There are so many things to see! 

Several items caught my eye which you don't see in other stores. One of which is Subbuteo! There are more teams now like Barcelona, Real Madrid and Rangers. I haven't kept up with it so this is all new to me. A funny thing. I actually just came across my old set while packing. I have the pitch, teams, goal post and everything. Seeing this makes me want to play it again.  

Star Wars themed Tech Deck! I know a couple of people who'll be interested in these.

Magic tricks! I always liked magic. I had quite a number of these when I was younger. The disappearing coin and ball tricks were my favourites. 

There are several different types of magic sets available such as dice prediction, coin teleport and so on. The most interesting of the lot to me would be the appearing lights. Cool!

In terms of main stream toys there is a good sized section. They have Hot Wheels, Tomica, Hasbro items, Power Rangers, Barbie, LEGO and more. There's currently a good deal now on Transformers Combiner Wars Voyager and Leader Class assortments. Check it out! 

I saw the new Marvel Legends Rhino BAF series on the shelves for the first time! I managed to score a Chameleon! I'm very pleased with the find. Now I have an extra body for J.J. In case you were wondering there was only one set of the Spider-man and Ant-Man series when I was there.

Before I end, I like to recount the thoughtfulness of one of the cashiers. I picked up an animal figurine after having made some purchases. I was going to place it in my bag but she insisted in placing it in another bag so that it would not get scuffed or scratched. 

Today (Friday, 24 July 2015) is Hamleys's first full day of operation. If you're going today you can expect balloons, stickers and magic tricks. You can also meet Hamley and Hattie Bear, Super Wings, Shopkins Strawberry, Leapfrog from 12.30pm - 1.30pm and 3pm - 8pm.

Thanks for viewing!

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