Monday, July 13, 2015

Cosfest XIV: Under the Stars

Had a fun time over the weekend at Cosfest which was held at D'Marquee at Downtown East. Pics within! 

Stage activities include karaoke, performances and games. The karaoke contest made use of a computer scoring system. I'm no expert but I felt some of the scoring was not reflective of some of the performances. The games seem fun. There were word games, fruit bingo and balloon juggling contest. Missing from this year's edition was the catwalk segment which I rather enjoyed.

The World Cosplay Summit (WCS) Singapore was held. The winning team would represent Singapore in the main competition in Japan. Just three teams participated which was a little disappointing.

The winners were the Vampire Hunter D team. Best of luck to them!

The organisers, Singapore Cosplay Club announced a brand new event called Cosfest Sea: The Rising Tide. In partnership with Royal Caribbean the event will be held on a cruise ship from 8 - 11 January 2016. This is certainly very bold and different. Some of the highlights mentioned include performances by regional qualifiers of WCS and themed backgrounds for shoots. More details will be announced on the Cosfest Asia Facebook.

This is an event I will have to skip due to travel sickness. 

The main highlight of Cosfest was of course the many cosplayers. I love seeing all the awesome costumes.

You can see all the pics here:

Day 1 Cosplayers

Day 2 Cosplayers

Thanks for viewing!

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