Friday, July 10, 2015

Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers Hyper Motions Hulk

Taking a break from Marvel Legends for a bit. Here's something I bought in Japan, the Marvel Disk Wars Hulk from Bandai.

For those who do not know, Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers is an anime shown in Japan. The show is pretty good. The character designs are cool and I think the story is better than Avengers Assemble. Tony Stark with the help of Dr Nozomu Akatsuki designs "Disks" to contain super villains. It basically traps a subject in it. Loki launches a prison break and traps the heroes in the Disks. Dr Nozomu's son and friends come into possession of some Disks and "Bio-codes" and are able to release the heroes for short periods of time. The group of friends help the Avengers recover more Disks and thwart the villains' plans. A lot of characters make an appearance in the show.

The figure comes in a box style packaging. You can see how the Hulk looks in the anime.

The back of the package features some information of the Disk. I'm not sure of what's written. I'm guessing it's some bio-data like strength and ability level. Some of the other characters in the line include Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-man and Thor. I Googled them. Iron Man and Spider-man come with interchangeable hands! And the later series looks to have Wolverine and War Machine.

The figure looks accurate to how he appeared in the show, aside from the tone of green. It should be lighter. It has an anime style to it. His eyes are pretty big and he's baring his gritted teeth a little exaggeratedly. He wears a pissed off look. His crew cut hair was well sculpted and has good detail. The body is nice and proportionate. There's good muscle definition for a Hulk figure. The belt was sculpted and his pants was painted on. A neat figure overall.

He comes with a roleplay Disk. It's of a good size and fits nicely in the palm of your hand. You can hold it up like you would a badge. The Disk can be used to play Bachicombat. From what I found on the net, it's a game for two. Each has a team of Defence Disks which you place face down. The objective is to flip all of your opponent's Disks face up by "smashing" an Attack Disk on it. There are also other rules based on the type of Disk. This is printed on the disc. I don't know that part yet.

The circular character disc can be removed from it's holder. If you had other character discs you can use them with it.

Articulation. He's got a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, torso pivot, ball hips and swivel hinge knees. Pretty decent. 

Comparison shots. He's around the same height as a normal sized Marvel Universe character, too small for fit in with them or with Avengers Assemble. 

I like the figure. I think it's unique and cool. I would have bought the whole series if all of the figures were available. Thanks for viewing!

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