Tuesday, March 24, 2015

LEGO 76031 The HulK Buster Smash (Hulkbuster)

Next up is the Hulkbuster BAF. No not that one! Rather it's the LEGO set.

The contents include 3 bags of LEGO parts (four counting the Hulk), a comic, an instruction booklet and a sticker sheet.

We get four figures in this set. They are based on their movie looks. For the mini-figures we have Scarlet Witch, Iron Man Mark 43 and Ultron Prime. The three have excellent printed detail on them. Ultron's in particular is fantastic for the plating and circuitry detail. There's even tiny lights. One thing I don't like about Ultron is his neck brace. I'm sure they could have come up with something better for him. 

They all have two faces printed on. One normal and one "in the midst of action" face. With Ultron, there's actually two looks for him which is cool. I like the smaller slanted eyes side as I think he looks more menacing. The bigger mouth side is more cartoony.

Edit: Ultron has only one face which is the big mouth side. The back of his head is just paint detail. It looks like a face though.

Accessories. Scarlet Witch has light blue power effect pieces. Iron Man has his helmet, repulsor effect pieces and a transparent "super jumper". Ultron has red thrusters and blasts pieces, which are basically single stud pieces and cylinders. 

Iron Man's face plate can be flipped open. To use the "super jumper" simply place figure, push down on the back and release. 

We get the Hulk as well. It's similar to the one from the Hulk Lab Smash set. I'm quite sure I have that set but I don't know where I put it. Anyway this figure has a different printed face and a different hair piece. His skin is olive green and he wears a printed purple pants.

The set comprises of two main components. The first is this containment unit. It's basically a base with three pedestals and two doors. The detail on the doors are stickers. Apparently this unit was made by Stark Industries. I wouldn't want to be near it when the Hulk finds out. At the back of the unit is a stand to allow Scarlet Witch to hover over it. According to the comic Scarlet Witch has trapped the Hulk. Iron Man frees him by knocking out Scarlet Witch. To simulate it, you make Iron Man jump and hit Scarlet Witch using the "super jumper". I tried it and haven't been able to hit Scarlet Witch directly. Most of the time it hits the Hulk or the stand she's on.  

Once Scarlet Witch is knocked out the Hulk breaks free! Raarrrghhhh!!!

The main attraction of this set has to be the Hulkbuster. It looks pretty good. It definitely has the size and has good bulk. He's heavily armoured. I like the big plates on the upper torso, arms and legs. The lower torso is thin but its disguised by the "wings". I love the printed face. They did it very well. I also like that it's got repulsors in his hands, the arc reactor on his chest and turn out thrusters on his back.

One thing which I don't like are the "centaur" like legs. It can be fixed with some simple modifications but doing so will add height he doesn't need.

The Hulkbuster has a couple of features. The head can be raised and the torso lowered to allow Iron Man to stand inside. 

On his right arm are two missile launchers. Push the grey buttons and the cylinders will fire.

Articulation. He's got ball joints at the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. Best of all each finger has articulation. Nice! It would have been great if he had some torso or waist rotation.

Comparison shots. I think the Hulkbuster is a little too big. But on the other hand it makes it easier to hold which is good for the kids.

I think this is a worth it set to get. We get four figures including Scarlet Witch which if I recall correctly only comes with this set. Then there's the Hulkbuster which offers loads of fun and playability. Great stuff! Thanks for viewing!


Kim Dubuisson said...

Cool set. I will soon get this one for my son as a surprise!

Unknown said...

Ultron does not have 2 faces, he only has one face. That part of the "second face" is just the back detail

Jason said...

Noted. Thanks. Was informed about it before but I forgot to edit the text.