Sunday, March 1, 2015

Star Wars Rebels Tie Pilot & AT-DP Driver

Just a couple of figures I picked up awhile back, the Tie Pilot and the AT-DP Driver from Star Wars Rebels.

I've said it before I love these stylised figures. They just have a certain appeal. First up is the Tie Pilot. He's got a well sculpted helmet. They eyes are brownish so they stand out and look like lenses. The tubes from the helmet are connected to the chestbox. They are not removable. The switches on the chestbox were all sculpted. There's nice detail on his uniform. There are creases on it and it also has sculpted pockets. The paint apps are superb. The Imperial logos were all very well painted.

The AT-DP driver made their first appearance in Rebels. They of course pilot the AT-DP which stands for All Terrain Defense Pod. The helmet is quite unique with the mouth like design on the face. The paint apps once again are superb. He wears armour on his shoulders and torso. There's nice detail on his light bluish grey uniform.

They both come with the standard blaster rifle. They are the same as the one that came with the Stormtrooper.

They both have only five points of articulation. You don't want to turn the Tie Pilot's head too much as the helmet tubes are connected to the chestbox. 

The Imperial forces are growing. Thanks for viewing!

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