Friday, August 29, 2014

SDCC 2014 DC Multiverse Arkham Knight Batmobile

Got round to opening the Arkham Knight Batmobile. It is a beauty. Warning: pic heavy.

SDCC items usually come in nicer packaging and this is a good example of that. The following pic is just of the outer protective carrying box. The print is very good and on each side of the box you'll see a different view of the Batmobile. Click images to enlarge.

The handle even has the Bat logo on it.

Just to give you an idea of the size of this box. The figure is the 6" Vampire Batman.

So here's the main packaging. The transparent window allows for a great look at the Batmobile. Printed on the windows are bats which to me doesn't quite fit the interior. The white tiled slanted platform reminds me of the bright R&D room in the Dark Knight movies. The printed bats are still a nice touch though. 

The back of the package lists the specifications and features of the Batmobile. I love the holographic images.

Check out the tabs. They are Bat shaped!

The Batmobile displays very well in package and I had a good mind to keep it as it was. The many tabs and ties also discouraged me but in the end I decided to open it. I like to play with my toys and figures.      

This Batmobile's design is based on the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight game. The following pics are various views of it in "Pursuit" mode. It's a beast of a machine. It is heavily armoured and has very big, intimidating wheels. It should be able to roll over almost anything. There's great sculpted detail on the body and especially on the wheels. The sides of the wheel have an intricate design. A better look at that a little further down. The body is mainly cast in black with some silver. There's some scrape marks brushed on the fenders and on the sides which gives is a more realistic feel. This Batmboile is for the 3.75" scale and most DC Multiverse figures should work with it.

Close-up of the wheel. The Bat symbol is incorporated in the design. And here you can better see the scrape marks. Click images to enlarge.

The Batmobile can convert into "Battle" mode which you see in the following pics. The sides open out and the wheels become spread. The wheels can be turned to all directions. This allows the Batmobile to spin in a circle on the spot...  

... That comes in handy if it's surrounded. Activate the gun turret which pops out from the body and Batman will be able to take out all those around him. The turret has 2 guns and a cannon on it. A downside of the turret is that it cannot be rotated.  

The turret may be activated in "Pursuit" mode as well.

The Batmobile also features lights and sounds. I can't show you that in pics so I made a video.

A Batman figure is included. This is my first DC Multiverse figure. Based on pics online it looks to be the same as the previously released Arkham City Batman, except this figure has a cloth cape which allows him to sit in the Batmobile. I'm not sure if this is how he'll appear in Arkham Knight. The figure was well sculpted. It has good detail on the gloves, belt and boots. You can also see the lines of his protective suit.   

The cockpit of the Batmobile is quite a tight fit. I had a little trouble getting him to sit inside.

He's got pretty good articulation. He's got a neck peg, ball hinge shoulders, elbow hinge, wrist swivel, waist rotation, peg hinge hips, thigh swivel and knee hinge.

Comparison shots. I like that the figure is bigger than the DC Infinite Heroes version. At least now it's more comparable with Marvel Universe.

You can see the full gallery here.

This is an awesome Batmobile! It looks great and has a ton of features. The figure is nice too. Thanks for viewing! 

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