Monday, August 4, 2014

EOY 2014 Cosplay Festival

The EOY 2014 Cosplay Festival was held over the weekend (2 - 3 August 2014). The event is usually held at the end of the year. It had to be brought forward as the venue, the Marina Barrage is set to undergo some renovations. Also, the organisers did not want it to clash with other events, hence the early date. For the first time this year the event was held over two days. Meaning we got two whole days of cosplay, song, dance and performances!

There was good weather over the two days. It was hot but it was better than rain. It got very crowded, especially from the early afternoon onwards. You don't really feel it though as the venue is so spacious. 

One of the highlights this year was a huge League of Legends backdrop located in the courtyard. If you uploaded a pic of yourself against it to Instagram, you could win some prizes.

Also located in the courtyard were several itasha. (vehicles decorated with character designs)

On the upper level was the "Wonderland" Theme Park doll display. It was very well set up. There was a working Ferris Wheel, a carousel, a shooting gallery, a cotton candy stall, performers and more. It seemed like so much fun and they make you wish you were at a real carnival.

Next up are the exhibitor and stage areas which could get very packed.

Here's a sample of the merchandise that was available. My budget currently is very low (ahem... SDCC stuff...) so no purchases for me.

On stage there were lots of wonderful song and dance performances. I stopped by to watch when I needed to get out of the sun.

Nico Nico dancers Penta and Marisu were the invited guests. This was their first time in Singapore. They are such cheerful and bubbly characters. They performed two sets of energetic performances each day. They joined in the fun and cosplayed on the second day.

Penta (left), Marisu on Day 2

Now for what you're probably looking for, the pics!

Follow the links to the galleries:

EOY 2014 Day 1
EOY 2014 Day 2
Stage Shots

I had a great time at EOY. Every round I made I saw something/someone new. Lots of wonderful costumes to admire. Thanks to all cosers for posing!

Thanks for viewing!

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