Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Ultimate Beast Fire Predaking

The Transformers Prime Beast Hunters cartoon just ended over the weekend. I'm going to miss it. On the toys side I think I've gotten more than I wanted. Most of the in show characters have been released. Here's the last Beast Hunter figure which I got, the ultimate Beast Fire Predaking. 

On the instuctions is chapter 18 of Tales of the Beast Hunters. Click on the image to enlarge.
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Predaking was one of the last Beast Hunters figures I had been eyeing. The voyager version was too small and was in need of replacing. Here's Predaking in beast mode. He's big and menacing, and has nice big wings. The articulation of the front legs is good too. Those are the few good points I have for him. Now for the bad points. The head looks a little funny to me due to his protruding buck teeth. Due to his gimmick, he's always looking upwards. The wings come off easily whenever I move them. The back of his body is stiff and squarish. And there's hardly any articulation in his hind legs except raising them up to the side to take a leak.

For the gimmick, push down on a lever and he'll lower his head and open his mouth. The top of his head will light up as well. Batteries are not included by the way. Release the lever and his head will spring back up. Like many others, I would have preferred if he didn't have the gimmick and had more articulation in his neck instead.

For some reason, his upper teeth were sculpted on the lower jaw. So his upper jaw is toothess when he opens his mouth.

The wings can be extended. He's got a 21 inch wingspan which is certainly impressive. It's bigger than my little setup for photo taking. I had to get extra material to take the photos.

The missile launchers he comes with can be attached to his wings.

Beast mode comparison. He's much bigger than the voyager class version.

But not big enough in my opinion when compared to voyager class bots. If I recall correctly, he had to lower his head significantly in the cartoon to be in the face of normal sized bots.

His transformation is easy. After straightening out the hind legs, have him stand up, put his arms down and that's basically it.
He looks very impressive in bot mode. The head sculpt is okay. He's got a good likeness to how he appeared in the cartoon. I think his face should be wider though. The figure looks more cunning than in the cartoon. He looks a little out of proportion. I think the legs are too long. There's great detail on the body. The arms and legs have too much orange and could use some grey or silver in its place. The black knee guards drop off quite easily when moved.

He comes with two missile launchers. You can peg them in the holes in his hands.

Or in the holes on his forearms.

He also comes with his Infernum Blade. It's actually his tail in beast mode. The sword is very big and saw tooth side with the silver detail looks very menacing. His wrist joint is not strong enough to hold it up straight and the sword tends to swing down to one side after awhile.

He's got great articulation. His head can be rotated fully, arms can be rotated fully and extended outwards, elbows are swivel hinge, wrists have ball joints, hips are peg hinge, thighs have swivel, knees have a hinge and the ankles are pivot type.

Bot mode comparisons.

I love the size of this figure. He towers over the normal sized bots which is how he should be.

The beast mode is a little disappointing but the bot mode more than makes up for it. If you're looking to get Predaking, this version is the one to get for his size.
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sl619 said...

some how I like the beast mode more. Kinda reminds me of Predacon Megatron from Beast Wars