Friday, July 12, 2013

Star Wars Black Series 6" Darth Maul

I don't collect Star Wars but I was curious about the 6" figures. So I picked up Darth Maul to have a look.

The packaging is a box style type. The black cardboard is stained quite easily. If you're a MISB collector ensure your hands are not sweaty when handling it.

On the back there's a description of the silhouette scene and a quote from the character. I could have come up with Darth Maul's. If I recall correctly, he only spoke once in Episode I. 

Darth Maul is presented in the packaging wearing his robes. He looks real mean. His head is glued to the hood. I think it's better this way. It looks more natural. Otherwise the hood will be sitting on top of his horns. His head was well painted, except that the line going down his nose is off center.

Upper body articulation is restricted with his robes on. He cannot turn his head and he cannot lift his arms fully.

There's a long slit at the sides of his robes so we can remove it easily.

The robes though made of soft, flexible material can stand by itself. We can possibly use it as the  "Spirit of Darth Maul".  

Here he is with robes off and the interchangeable head on. I think he's got a good likeness. This head's paint is not as good as the one in the hood. Some of the black is smudged on the red areas, most notably around the mouth. There's also some bleeding and the left eye was painted looking to the right. The quality of plastic of the figure feels good. His attire has nice flowy detail. The lower half of his attire is made up of a combination of cloth and flexible plastic. This allows for better leg articulation.  

He comes with his binoculars thingy. It's got a couple of knobs and buttons on it. It's painted to look weathered. He cannot hold it with both hands and cannot hold it up to his eyes properly.

He also comes with his dual sided lightsaber. The blades can be pulled out for when they're not in used. Only one end of his lightsaber can be attached to his belt.

He's got great articulation. There's a ball hinge neck, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, vertical hinge and swivel for the right wrist, lateral hinge and swivel for the left wrist, waist pivot, ball hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees, and ankle hinge and pivot. He can only look up just abit and he can look down very well.

Just to show you how much tilt you can get from his waist articulation.

He can do many cool poses. One thing he can't do properly is to hold a single lightsaber double handed. The lightsaber will end up bent.

Comparison with 6" scale figures from other toy lines. Darth Maul is short. We'll have to wait and see how he compares with other Star Wars characters before we freak out.

I like what I see in the figure. Great sculpt and articulation. If the other figures are just as good, I'll be seriously tempted into collecting this line. Thanks for viewing!


ActionFigureFan said...

Oh woow, they are already in town? :) CSC? ToyRus? :) Hope you also got the sandtrooper to review :) Keep the reviews coming :) I can't wait to get these.


deSMOnd said...

Bro, the head sculpt is awesome and the articulation is very good. The figure can hold a lot of great poses. I can't believe Hasbro did a great job on this new 6 inch line..I agree with you. If the rest of the characters are as good as this piece, I may go into this line. But have to be selective as there are lots of characters in Star Wars. Never ending figures to be released for our collection.

Jason said...

@ActionFigureFan - I don't know about retail. They are/were available in some speciality shops. I only got Darth Maul.

@deSMOnd - same here. If I do collect, will just get main characters.

ActionFigureFan said...

Thx Jason, I will try Plaza tonight, maybe I get lucky :)