Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Wolverine Shadow Strike Ninja

I just caught The Wolverine movie. I thought it was good. The story and characters were built up nicely and there's some great action scenes. Can't say I liked the "Silver Samurai" though. And I'm still wondering how easy it was for the lady who can glimpse the future (can't recall her name) rode right up to the gates of the facility at the end. The ninjas fighting Logan not long before must have been given the rest of the night off. Be sure to stay for the extra scene midway into the end credits. Looking forward to Days of Future Past!
Right, here's a look at the Shadow Strike Ninja from the Wolverine line.

At first glance you'll think this was a G.I.Joe figure. Look closer and you'll see the difference. The parts used are similar but the articulation is heavily reduced. His eyes are fully white, like he's being possessed. He's sculpted pre-posed. There's not much he can do other than to stand there. I got him to add to my little ninja collection.

He comes with a bow and a sword.

He has only 5 points of articulation. At the neck, shoulders and hips. 

If you're looking for a better ninja figure, there's the Dark Ninja and Red Ninja from G.I.Joe Retaliation to name a few.

I've only seen the line at Toys R Us. There are four figures available. Two versions of Wolverine, Silver Samurai and this figure. I'm thinking of picking up Wolverine as the sculpt looks good. Silver Samurai is a definite pass. (The Silver Samurai in the images is from Marvel Universe)
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Dr Syn said...

Such a waste, if only it had been the Retaliation Red Ninja recoloured all points of articulation intact, this would have been a must have.

Oh well, back to importing Red-Ninja I go.