Tuesday, July 9, 2013

COSFEST XII: The Heart & Soul of Cosplay

Cosfest XII was held from 6th to 7th July 2013 at Downtown East D'Marquee. There's lots to see so let's get to it.

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Here's a few of the main areas of the event venue. Below is a shot of the Artists' Booths. The place was packed.

Pan in the Box was there. They had costumes, props, wigs and accessories. I spotted some Nendoroids and statues too.

A corner of the hall was used for Itasha bikes showcase. There was also the Toki Doki Maid Cafe and Coscard Exchange Centre.

I spent most of my time at the stage area. The main highlights of Day 1 was the JoJo Allstar Cosplay Team and the Cure Collection Grandwalk.

The JoJo Allstar Cosplay Team comprised of cosplayers of multinationalities. There were 48 of them in total and they each dressed as a character from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. I managed to get a shot of every single one of them. The link to the gallery is at the bottom of the page.

Auditions were held earlier this year for cosplayers to participate in the Cure Collection Grandwalk. From the quality of their costumes you can see why they were selected. I count 42 of them in my photos. I hope I didn't miss anyone. The link to the gallery at the bottom of the page.

There were also several song and dance performances on Day 1.

"Jojolion" by Machipot Indonesia Cosplay Group

Day 2 was when the the World Cosplay Summit Singapore was held. The winner of this contest will represent Singapore at the World Cosplay Summit Finals in Japan. Here's a shot of all of participating teams.  

From left to right are: Crown Ace, Ten Can, Evolution King, Element Jack and Queen's Heaven.

Queen's Heaven were the winners. Here's a couple of shots of them in action:

The Heart and Soul of Cosfest Anime Karaoke Competition was also held on Day 2. Two teams of ten competed against each other. On one side was the Heart team and the other was the Soul team. The song list was only revealed ten days before Cosfest. All the songs were Japanese anime songs and participants had to memorise the lyrics.  What happened during the competition was, a member of the audience would pick the song and any member from each team would have to run up to grab the microphone at the front of the stage. He or she would then perform. If the performance was bad, like say he couldn't remember the  lyrics, the judges could throw out the attempt and pass the song over to the other team. The team with more points wins. 

I couldn't stay till the end so I don't know which team won. I'll update you once I find out.

There was also a cosplay performance by Team Konaha from Thailand and song and dance performances by MUSE and Chronos No Princes.

Team Konaha


Chronos No Princes

Let's not forget the many, many cosplayers who turned up over the two days. I think this was the first event which I've attended where it felt there might actually be more cosplayers than photographers.

I took many photos, I think near a thousand shots. I'm not kidding! A lot of it have to be deleted though... Alright here's the links to the galleries. Pick your destination.
JoJo Allstar Cosplay

Cure Collection Grandwalk

Performances (Day 2)

Day 1 Cosplayers

Day 2 Cosplayers

This was my first visit to Cosfest and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Unfortunately I could not stay till the end on both days. I look forward to the next one. Thanks for viewing!

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