Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ultimate Spider-man Human Rocket Nova

I probably should have passed on this but considering that I don't have the Marvel Legends version I was thinking I could use it as a stand in. The keyword being stand. You'll see why in abit. 

Look wise the figure is not bad. The more bell shaped helmet will take a little getting use to. This Nova is supposed to be Sam Alexander but the cheek lines and jaw suggest him to be an adult. His thin frame works for him. Due to the way he's sculpted and the lack of articulation, the best way for him to stand is as shown in the following image. The yellow paint on his costume and belt is poor. It's thinly applied and you can see the base blue underneath. There's some glitter on the blue parts of his costume.    

He comes with a disc shooter. You squeeze the center part of the launcher to fire.

Articulation. He's only got a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, peg hips, and swivel hinge knees. He should have at least gotten elbow articulation as well.

Comparison shots. He's smaller and shorter than Marvel Legends figures which is okay for Sam Alexander.

I think the figure is decent enough to display if you don't mind him being in a single pose. But at the current retail price it's not worth it to get. Thanks for viewing!


flywheels said...

I was really curious about this figure so thanks for sharing.

deSMOnd said...

Love the spiderman figure :)

Jason said...

@Colbey - You're welcome!

@deSMOnd - Yup its a good figure. It's out in stores now.