Thursday, March 14, 2013

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Hun-Gurrr

Spotted this on the pegs and immediately picked him up. The Cyberverse "Terrorcons" look similar to the G1 versions and I aslo read that they could combine, hence my interest in them.

Hun-Gurrr fills up the package well.

Of all the "Terrorcons" Hun-Gurrr looks the least like his G1 counterpart. This Cyberverse figure is more bulked up and is painted in dark red and white. I like how the top half of him looks. The bottom half kind of looks like he's wearing frilly pants and character slippers. But that just shows how tough he is. The claws on his forearms on my figure tend to drop off when moved. 

He comes with a Dragontooth Saw. It's a part gun part sword kind of weapon. It looks really cool and it has some nice detail on it. He can hold it in different ways depending on how you want him to use it.

 Articulation. He's got ball joint shoulders, bicep swivel, ball joint hips and ankle hinge.

 Comparison shots with Cyberverse Commander Class...

and with other Legion Class.

Hun-Gurrr transforms into a double headed dragon. A weird looking dragon I'll say. The body shape is odd.  He's more bird like than dragon. And I think he could do with a longer tail. I love the legs though. Powerful and with menacing claws. 

If I had to pick between the two I'll pick Twinstrike.

And now to see how to combine the "Terrorcons". The instuctions makes no mention of it yet but its pretty easy to figure out. Abominus's head is concealed in Hun-Gurrr's chest. 

Here's a better look of it. Despite it being flipped all the way his gaze is still upwards.  

There are holes on his arms and pegs on Twinstrike's legs so that's how we connect them together. Twinstrike stays on tightly.

Its not looking good for Abominus. The head and body are tiny.

Hun-Gurrr I think is the weakest figure of the "Terrorcons" but he's needed for the team.   

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Dr Syn said...

Lovely Cyberverse figures!

Can't wait for these to start showing up on the shelves in my country.