Friday, March 22, 2013

Disney XD Roadshow

Just a few images from the Disney XD roadshow at the Compass Point Atrium. The show is on till 24 March 2013. 

Here's the setup. I think its well done. You can click on the images to enlarge.

There are several games and activities for the kids, such as shooting discs at targets and bouncing on a trampoline. I'm not sure if there are any terms and conditions to participate.

There's a section dedicated to Iron Man 3.

They have some of the toys on display. 

On stage you can see Iron Man or Spider-man. Iron Man appears at 2pm and 7pm while Spider-man only appears at 5pm. The kids can get a photo with them. You need to get a ticket for them to do so. And you'll need to use your own camera. 

With the launch of the Disney XD channel locally, hopefully we'll get to watch the new Marvel cartoons at least in the same week as in the US. 
Thanks for viewing!

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