Friday, September 23, 2011

Marvel Universe Fantastic Four 3-Pack (Standard & Variant)

A double dose of Marvel Universe Fantastic Four.

The packaging is the same for both versions.  

The figures of both sets are largely the same, the main difference are the costumes. And to make things a little easier, from here onwards, F4 refers to the blue costumed version while FF refers to the Future Foundation version.

Mr Fantastic looks better than the first MU version from the Secrets Wars pack. He's got a new head sculpt and has the taller, thinner body, which I think suits hm. I like the shade of blue on the F4, and also the logo which is strong and clear. The lines on his costume are painted on. The thickness of them are not consistant but they add some detail. I don't really like the short sleeves. I guess they can wear it in summer and break the long sleeves one out for winter.

I delibrately chose a pack where the costumes of the FF were more gray. Some of the figures I saw had some all white parts and it made the figures look awkward. Again, the lines and logo are painted on.  

There's some paint difference on his hair. FF possibly went to have his dyed.

Invisible Woman is the main the reason for getting this pack. I wish they had made a dark blue costumed one first to go along with the previously released Fantastic Four members. Anyway, both look great. Especially like the head sculpt. 

I like what they did with her hair, rather than using Black Widow's or something.

Both the Things are nice, but I can't seem to get either version to stand properly. F4 is barefooted while FF is wearing pants and shoes. I like the F4 Thing's shade of orange. I might mix him in with the standard costume Fantastic Four. The FF Thing is lacking his singlet. Can't just paint it on him. Going the animated style and just painting the logo on may be an option.

Some of the various Marvel Universe Thing figures. I always liked the trunks version. 

H.E.R.B.I.E. is included in the three-packs. There is no difference between the two from the packs. The legs are warped from the package and may have difficulty standing. He's got one point of articulation at the neck. He can rotate his head fully and look up and down.  

Both teams look good.


We still don't have a complete in costume Fantastic Four. Well, the FF is but its not the same without the Human Torch. 


This pack is a must get to complete the Fantastic Four. The costumes may not match but at least we now have all the orginal members. The easiest combination would be to use a flame on Human Torch with the F4. For local collectors, the Future Foundation pack is available in speciallity shops.




Super-Duper ToyBox said...

oh Wow! Have never seen the variant!

SirDragonBane said...

Great review! Love that you have almost all the versions of the F4. And you are right--the F4 needs a Human Torch and fast! :)

Jason said...

Thanks all!

Tan Peng Swen said...

Hmm, i thought the secret wars torch, look fine with them, though a litte old school.