Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Star Wars Desert Mission 3.75" Captain Rex (Rebels)

Received just in time for Star Wars Day! Here's a look at the Star Wars Rebels Captain Rex.

The figure is based on Star Wars Rebels but the series it belongs to is the Star Wars Desert Mission Series. I'm glad that Hasbro is still putting figures out from Rebels. 

Like with Ahsoka, I was happy to see Captain Rex appear in Rebels. The feels in that scene when the two were reunited. Love it. The figure looks amazing. The likeness is spot on. They did a great job with the head sculpt. There are wrinkles on his forehead and bags under his eyes. The beard and eyebrows were sculpted. Retirement seems to be good for him looking at his size. I wonder if that is his old armour he's wearing. How does it fit. Lol. There's good detail on his attire. The paint apps here are poor. You can see bleeding in several areas and the blue was quite sloppily done. There are yellowish stains on his boots. It's probably due to the desert planet he's been living on. Normally I would have liked if they took it one step further and do some black wash on his armour. It's too clean and white. But I think he looks better in this way and he fits in well with the other Rebels figures.

He comes with several accessories. There are two blaster pistols. They have some nice detail on them. The greyish colour of the plastic is not bad and they do not look plasticky. The blasters may be stored in the holsters at his thighs. They fit very securely.

He also comes with his old helmet. The paint apps on it are good. The lines and design are clean and straight. I especially like that they painted the "kill marks" on the sides of his helmet. I'm not too sure if they are "kill marks". I imagine he's killed many more if they are. The helmet fits well on his head.

Then there's this energy staff which is a piece you use to build a bigger weapon. It's sturdy and has a bit of paint detail on it. He can hold it well. He will fall if he extends his hand out so you'll need to lean him backwards. I think you are supposed to flick the yellow "energy missile" to shoot. I gave it a shot but it didn't budge. It's too well secured on the staff.

His articulation is the same as the other figures. There's a ball joint neck, peg shoulders and peg hips. He can look up well surprisingly. He cannot look down.

Just a comparison shot with his allies.

This is a great figure! A must for Star Wars Rebels fans! Thanks for viewing!