Saturday, May 28, 2016

S.H.Figuarts Lupin the Third & Fujiko Mine

Here's a look at the S.H.Figuarts Lupin the Third and Fujiko Mine. 

These two are examples of something bought based on their looks and accessories. They look like fun characters. From the clips I saw they certainly seem that way. They are from the Lupin the Third series. The 2015 anime version I believe due to Lupin's bright blue jacket. 

According to Wiki, Lupin the Third is the grandson of Arsene Lupin. No wonder the name sounded familiar. I actually learnt of the character from the Night Hood cartoon. Anyone else watched that? It had a bit of the Batman: The Animated Series feel to it. Anyway this Lupin is a master thief. A cheeky and confident one at that based from on his facial expression. The sculpt is superb. The figure has a good likeness. His thin, longish proportions is accurate. His jacket was made of a thin, flexible vinyl material. I like the bright blue tone of it. There's nice wrinkle detail on it, and also on his pants. His tie was only stuck on at the upper torso so it has freedom to move when he bends forwards. There's an issue with the left ankle joint on my figure. Whenever you try to move it, it will spring back for some reason. It's quite annoying when trying to pose him. 

Lupin comes with a number of accessories. There are three extra heads (one winking, one smiling and one laughing), three extra pairs of interchangeable hands (relaxed opened hands, straight flat hands, claw position / groping hands), also a gun holding right hand and a watch pressing right hand, a pistol and two watches (one with a hole where you attach the included cord). Lupin uses the watch device to swing around effortlessly in the show. The cord connects securely to the watch and is bendable. I prefer to keep it straight to preserve it. 

There's great detail on the watch. I particularly like the links on the watch band. You can make out the hands and buttons on close inspection. If I'm reading it right, the time is 8 o'clock. 

Next up Fujiko Mine. What drew my attention is how much she reminded me of Black Widow in anime form. She has a similar kind of hairstyle and costume. I have a couple of ideas in mine for use with the Marvel Universe. But I digress. Like Lupin, Fujiko Mine is a thief. Most of the time she's a competitor but has teamed up with Lupin and his cohorts on occasion. A bit of trivia for you. Her name, Fujiko Mine means "mountain peaks of Fuji". I wonder why. Lol. One look at Fujiko and you know she's trouble. She has that sort of an appearance. I really like what they did with her hair. It has good detail. It was painted with a light orange at the top which transitions to a darker tone towards the ends. It gives the effect of light being shined from the top. She wears a skin tight suit. It has nice wrinkles detail on it. The gloss black plastic used gives her sleek appearance. I like the sculpted zip ring and belt details. They were well painted with silver too.

Accessories. She comes with two additional faces (one winking and one glancing to her side), two extra pairs of hands (gun holding and fists) and a gun.   

Articulation. Lupin has a dumbbell joint upper neck, ball joint at his lower neck, dumbbell and hinge shoulders, revolver joint elbows, revolver joint wrists, ball joint mid torso, ball joint waist, hinge in the hips with ball joints, knee hinge and ball joint ankles. He can look up and down really well. Body turn comes mainly from the mid torso joint. The waist joint can only be turned a little. He can bend forwards decently. The ankles can pivot a little. Like I mentioned earlier, there's an issue with his left ankle. 

Fujiko has a revolver joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, revolver joint elbows, revolver joint wrists, ball joint torso, ball joint waist, ball hips, revolver joint knees and revolver joint ankles. She can look down well but not up due to her hair. Turning her head to the sides is also hindered a little by her hair. The torso joint allows her to bend forwards just a bit and bend back decently. The waist joint allows her to tilt her body to the sides and also rotates more than the torso joint. The ankles can pivot. 

Comparison shots.

These two are fun figures. I enjoyed fiddling with them. They have great articulation and accessories. Thanks for viewing!

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