Monday, May 30, 2016

OVERWATCH Launch Weekend (Singapore)

Just some pics from the OVERWATCH Launch Weekend. It was a two day event held from 28 - 29 May 2016 at the Capitol Theatre. I had intended to visit on the Saturday but was discouraged by the monster queue. A good thing I checked the Facebook event page first before heading down otherwise it would have been a wasted trip. Instead I dropped by Sunday evening and it proved to be a good decision.

In case you do not know, OVERWATCH is the latest game from Blizzard which was launched on 24 May 2016. It's a multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) game where you play as heroes. There are several game modes and a huge cast of characters with different abilities to play as. 

There was not too many people at the venue when I reached. The finals of the Showmatch was going on and I had a great view from the viewing gallery on the third floor. 

Various booths and trial consoles lined the sides of the event floor and smack in the middle was where the Fastest Times Challenge was held. You need to bring your buddies along to stand a better chance at this.

Some of the other activities you could do are as pictured in the following pic. I missed a number of them. The Make Me A Hero, where you could get a caricature of yourself as one of the OVERWATCH characters looked to be a hit. I would have loved to get one but the queue was long. I did manage to get a free photo of myself at the photo wall. I opted for a background with Tracer. Props were available for use in your photos. There were Reaper's guns and Mei's blaster. 

Speaking of which, I managed to catch Mei and Reaper while I was there. The cosplayers are from The Neo Tokyo Project and their costumes are simply awesome! Mei even has her weather-modification drone!

There was quite a number of Blizzard merchandise for sale courtesy of Toy Or Game (TOG). Items ranged from apparel, plush toys, game consoles and devices and so on. 

The baby Winston figure looks so cute! I hear you could get it for free when you spent a minimum sum.

Here's something I wouldn't mind having, an OVERWATCH exclusive chair from SecretLab. It's one of a kind and it was the prize for a Facebook contest which they ran. I haven't been contacted so I guess someone else must have won it. Congrats to whoever you are!

That's about it for my short visit. Thanks for viewing!

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