Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mafex Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) Meliodas

Here's a look at the Dragon's Sin of Wrath, Meliodas by Mafex.

I got ahead of myself with this one. I liked the anime and was eager to pre-order the figures. I assumed that Meliodas would be in a similar scale as with Spider-man and Darth Vader. It turns out he is bigger and cannot be used suitably with the other anime figures that I have. I really should have looked at the product description more closely. It's a shame as Meliodas looks good. They captured his likeness well. I like the cheerful, cheeky expression on his default head. He's dressed in the attire we see him for much of the series. He wears a shirt, a vest and a tie loosely hung around his neck. There's nice detail. You can see the wrinkles and seams on his clothes. The vest piece is soft and flexible and allows for leg articulation.  

Scale issues are not the only problem. His body is poorly constructed. It's made up of two separate pieces underneath the vest piece. They are attached to each other with ball joints, which make for great torso articulation if they were not restricted. The joints do not attach well and will easily drop out when you try to pose the figure.  

He comes with a number of accessories. There are two additional heads (one angry and the other shouting expression), five extra pairs of interchangeable hands (fists, groping, gripping, wide grip, and two-finger pointing), broken Dragon Blade with sheath, Liz's sword and sheath, a mug of beer and a base and stand. Despite all this I feel they should have included two more parts. And that is a head with the black mark and an extra arm with torn sleeves and dragon tattoo.

The Dragon Blade handle was very well sculpted and has great detail. The melon shaped bag on the sheath has sculpted zips on it and is textured. The attached strap too has textured detail. Very nice!

Liz's sword and sheath is just as detailed. The design on the sword looks a little off centred to me. His grip of the sword is a little loose in his gripping hands.  

The mug of beer will be a useful accessory. The exterior has the wood grain pattern and the metal bands and rivets sculpted. He cannot actually hold the mug of beer to lips due to limitations of is arm articulation. 

Perhaps the best accessory, or I should say pack-in is Hawk, his faithful talking pig companion. He's big and round, and looks so cute. And pink! His tongue is showing and his expression is like he's in mid-conversation, or half eating. Someone needs to finish off all the food scrap! The clover mark was well painted on. He's also got his "Star Boar" earring with the words very well printed on. I'm a little concerned the ring attachment will rust over time. Hawk does not have any articulation.     

I really love that Meliodas is able to sit on Hawk. But this also shows that Hawk is not big enough. If I'm not wrong, Hawk should be able to carry Meliodas wholly on his back. 

Articulation. Meliodas has a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, elbow hinge, revolver type wrists (Revoltech type joints), ball joint upper torso, ball joint at the ab area, ball hips on a hinge, knee hinge and revolver joint ankles. He can look up and down decently. The torso joints are restricted by the vest piece. The ankles can pivot but they are restricted by his boots. The ankle joints on my figure are loose and I had some difficulty posing him.

Comparison shots. Like I said before, it;s a shame he's so big.

The Marvel Select Dr Strange is around 7" in height and I think it's still not tall enough for Meliodas to be in scale. Imagine how big Diane would have to be. 

The figure looks great and has a number of accessories. The downside is his size and poorly constructed body. The best thing for me is Hawk-chan. I can think of a couple of uses for him. In scenes that is. I'll say get this only if you like the characters. Hopefully Mafex or some other company makes this in a better scale. Thanks for viewing! 

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