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May the 4th SG (Star Wars Day 2014 Singapore)

May the 4th is Star Wars Day. This year's celebrations were held at the Jurong Regional Library. Journey to the Jurong system I did. 

When I arrived, troopers and characters were already out and about. If you wanted quick photos that was the best time. The crowd constantly streamed in and before long the place was packed.

The opening ceremony was held in one of the function rooms. Members from Fightsaber marched in first. Their group comprised of Jedi and Sith and each carried a lightsaber.

The troopers from the 501st Singapore Garrison, led by Darth Vader soon followed.

After a short speech, the group dispersed to other parts of the library and you could take photos with them. 

Here's the Fightsaber team. They are a group who perform lightsaber duels. They have performed at many events and each time the fight sequence would be different.

I spotted these two guarding the "Adult VCDs".

The X-Wing Miniatures Game was showcased on level one. It's something like a card game with Star Wars ships as your pieces. Build your forces, choose your pilots and chart your course. The miniature ships were cool. I'm tempted to get them.

"We'll have to destroy them ship to ship."

Back in the function room, clips and trailers of various Star Wars animations were being played. Watch out for Star Wars Rebels, coming soon to Disney XD. The story of this series takes place between Star Wars Episodes III and IV. Star Wars Rebels posters were given out if you could answer some simple questions.

Check out the trailer for Star Wars Rebels:

There was a short screening of Plastic Galaxy which I caught. It's a documentary about the history and influence of Star Wars toys. It was directed by Brian Stillman. It was quite interesting. You got to learn how Kenner went about making the first Star Wars toys from former Kenner staff. See prototypes and designs of various toys, some of which were never released. How the Star Wars toys were marketed. See awesome collections of Star Wars toys and hear stories of collectors' experience with Star Wars. If you're a Star Wars fan, you should definitely check it out.

On level four of the library there was an exhibition of the works from the Once Upon a Stormtrooper Project. The mini Stormtrooper helmets were custom designed by local and regional artists and they've been donated to raise funds for Willing Hearts, a local charity. If you wanted to purchase one of these helmets you could state the highest amount above the reserve price you were willing to pay for it.

There was also a story writing contest. Write a short story of how you think any one of the custom designed helmets came about and you could win prizes.

This is not the segment you're looking for. Here's the Star Wars toys display. Take a look back in time and see the various series. I've more pics in the gallery. The link to that at the bottom of the page.

The main attraction would have to be the collection of Vintage figures on Italian cards. Props to the collector who contributed them for the display.

The artists of Band of Doodlers came up with this piece. It's Luke's birthday and everyone's invited.

There were a number of activities for the kids. There were the story telling sessions. And kids could colour and make their own Star Wars mask. The most popular activity would have to be the Fightsaber Academy. Many younglings volunteered for basic Jedi training.

After which they could then test their skills against a couple of Sith Lords.

Here's Fightsaber in action:

The above is what I caught in the first half of the day. Wished I could have stayed longer. It was a great event and I had lots of fun. I especially loved viewing the toys. Looking forward to the event again next year.

Here's the link to the gallery:

May the 4th SG 2014

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