Friday, May 30, 2014

Revoltech Yamaguchi Domo-kun

Say hello to Domo!

I'm sure a lot of you will know him. I remember watching Domo on TV. The local station would screen the short clips to fill up the time before the next programme. He's fun to watch, discovering things for the first time and getting into all sorts of situations. You feel for him too sometimes. 

Domo comes neatly packed in a tray. Accessories include an extra pair of hands, four extra pairs of interchangeable eyes, a pair of chopsticks, a bowl of rice, a microphone, a remote control and a television set. There's also a stand which is not pictured. From the accessories you have an idea of some of the things he likes to eat and do.

So here's the figure. I know some may be put off by his segmented look. I personally think they did a good job for the type of figure he is. I don't really mind it as I like being able to pose him.

With his face and mouth unchanging his eyes are what help to show how he feels. It's great he comes with a total of five sets of eyes.

Annoyed / Angry


"In his own world"


He has thumbs on his default hands. As illustrated on the back of the box, you can have him hold up paper or a postcard. He'll be great standing on your desk. The other set of hands are used for holding his accessories.

Articulation. He has Revoltech joints at his shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and ankles. The torso and knees have hinges.

With regards to scale Domo is around 4" in height. 

This is a cute and fun figure. I love the wonderful accessories. He just needs some sweat pieces or stickers to make it more complete. Thanks for viewing!

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