Sunday, May 4, 2014

Free Comic Book Day 2014 (FCBD 2014)

Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day (FCBD). I hope you had a great time visiting participating stores, picking up comics and catching the various events. Here's how my FCBD went.

My first stop was Kinokuniya's main store at Ngee Ann City. A queue had formed well before opening time. The following pic is of the main entrance. There was another queue at another entrance and the two queues combined into an extremely long one. Fortunately there were more than enough comics to go round. You needed to be a Privilege Card holder to get a set of comics.

There was also FCBD merchandise on sale. I kinda regret not getting the Arkham Origins Heroclix set. 

Cosplayers from The Neo Tokyo Project were around and you could meet and take photos with them. 

The Neo Tokyo Project is the organiser for International Cosplay Day Singapore. This year's event will be held on 24 August 2014 at SCAPE. Follow the above link for details or click the image below to enlarge.

Kinokuniya have launched a Mirai Suenaga X Books Kinokuniya Limited Edition Privilege Card which you can sign up in stores now.

I've digressed... My next stop was G&B Comics. The place was packed.

One reason for that were the special guests which include Ivan Reis, Sheldon Goh and Alan Quah. 

There were also a number of store exclusive merchandise and great deals available. Some trade paperbacks were buy 1 get 1 free!

You could catch several cosplayers while waiting in queue.  

It took me more than an hour to get in. The first thing you'll is see is the giant Green Lantern logo where Ivan Reis was doing quick sketches and autographs. The queue to see him snaked round the store.

Here's the man himself.

Ivan Reis

Sheldon Goh and Alan Quah could be found further in the store, as well as the giant rack of comics for FCBD. The place was too crowded so I have no pics of that. I'll also like to mention a wall decorated with prints and sketches by the three guests. It was quite a sight. I had already spent a lot of time here and with the long queue, I didn't meet the guests. Plus I had more stops to make.

By the time I reached Invasion! Toys & Collectibles I had missed most of the action. But you can see what went on on their Facebook page.

Invited guests Andie Tong and Shawn Yap were hard at work with sketches.

Andie Tong (left), Shawn Yap

It was then back to the Kinokuniya main store for me. Troopers and characters from the 501st Legion Singapore Garrison were making an appearance. They had a couple of new members appearing for the first time.  

My final stop of the day was Shaw Urban Plaza. I needed food and rest so I got there early.

If you had a Shaw Theatres ticket stub and checked in on Facebook, you could get yourself some free comics.

Around the venue, you could get free sketches and also purchase some cool prints and postcards.

Ivan Reis, Sheldon Goh and Alan Quah arrived on time. I had the opportunity to get a quick sketch and so I did. I also bought a couple of prints.

Ivan Reis

Alan Quah

Sheldon Goh

The queue got really long. I couldn't stay so I missed out on a getting a sketch from Alan Quah.

Here's some of my loot.

It was a great FCBD. A big thanks to the participating stores and all involved for making it possible.

Thanks for viewing!

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