Thursday, May 25, 2023

UPCOMING: Naruto TV Animation 20th Anniversary Exhibition

Opening soon on 29 May 2023 is the Naruto TV Animation 20th Exhibition which will be held at Let's Play at Marina Square (#3-208/209). If you've no idea where that is it's the side where Gain City and Seoul Garden are. You can't miss the large sign as you see above!

I had the opportunity to have a sneak peak and and all I can say is "wow"! There are various iconic scenes and setups which will take you back to the start of Naruto, through Shippuden and all the way to early portions of Boruto! You'll be hit with a strong blast of nostalgia! 20 years is a long time for any series and the story is still ongoing.  

Before going further let me first introduce you to @blingycos, a cosplayer and gamer who I met at the preview. I actually met her previously but this is the first time where we've had extended interaction. Cossing as adult Sasuke she'll help show you some of what's in store at the exhibition.

Do subscribe to her instagram.


Starting with the scene where Kakashi seals Sasuke's cursed seal. Be sure to bring your good cameras and portable lights if you have them. Some settings like this one will need some additional lighting for better photos. 

You can click images to enlarge.

Not all scenes are static, there are some interactive ones such as Summoning Jutsu!

NOTE: there's no actual smoke released. I added that in the video. Hit the button on the ground and the lights will turn on. 

Think you can create creatures with your chakra? Try it out!


Hmmm I wonder who this group could be?

You'll also get to see some replica items shinobi use like weapons, seals  flash bombs. There's also some art by Naruto's creator Masashi Kishimoto displayed. We are not allowed to take photos of that.  

The highlight would have to be the Naruto X Boruto VR which is available for the first time outside Japan! If you ever wanted to explore Konoha, activate a Rasengan or simply slash some enemies, this is your chance! 

NOTE: You'll need to pay a separate fee if you wish to try the VR!

Instructions will be explained to you. After which you can try the VR. There are twelve consoles available so I don't think you'll have to wait too long for our turn. Though this is VR be ready to work up a sweat. Running and jumping through the village. The space is a little restricted so try as far as possible to move on the spot. Staff are on hand to prevent you from running into things. Those accompanying can view the action on a screen.

Be sure to stop by the merchandise area to pick up some exclusive goods! I recommend focusing on the exclusive items as they are not available elsewhere. There's various items such as stationery, mugs and acrylic stands. Toys and statues are also available. (Those can be gotten cheaper elsewhere 😅) 

Tickets are available online and you can get them at

Admission is SG$22

Naruto X Boruto VR is SG$25

The exhibition is on from 29 May 2023 to 2 July 2023.

I quite enjoyed the exhibition. Seeing familiar faces and locales. Getting to take lots of photos. I think kids will enjoy it. Cossers too for the various scenes and backgrounds. Or if you're a fan of Naruto! 

Thanks for viewing!

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