Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Star Wars The Black Series Dark Trooper (The Mandalorian)

Here's a look the the Star Wars The Black Series Dark Trooper.

I should have known better than to try and photo a dark character against a dark background. The details are harder to make out. I just thought it would look cooler... oh well what's done is done. I do hope that the photos will at least satisfy some of your curiosity.   

There have been several Dark Troopers in Star Wars. This one is based on its appearance in The Mandalorian series. It's a big, powerful, heavily armoured droid. The chest plate is a separate piece placed on top of the base torso. It has a more angular look than say a Stormtrooper's and it has a glossy appearance. The rotating joints of it's elbows, wrists and knees have some silver paint applied on them. It's right hand is a gun holding hand while it's left is an open hand. 

A closer look at it's mid-section. You can make out the pistons and cylinders at its ab area. I like that they applied some silver paint for them. Above that there are some red light indicators on the chest plate and also some sculpted knobs and vents. It has pistons on its forearms and they are painted silver as well.

The head is similar to that of a Stormtrooper's helmet. The shape is flatter here. It looks a lot more menacing thanks to the narrow red eyes. It has the grill like piece at the mouth and some sculpted vents at the side of its head. The neck has the corrugated look to it which is nice.  

Accessories. He comes with an extra set of fists, a blaster rifle and two rocket firing effect pieces.

There's a great amount of sculpted detail on the rifle. With regards to paint apps it's only got that bit of silver at the top. It's able to hold it securely in its right hand. 

There are peg holes at the bottom of its feet where the rocket effect pieces may be inserted. They do not stay on well. They will stay in place but will drop out easily when the figure is moved.  

Articulation. It's got a dumbbell joint upper neck, dumbbell joint lower neck, ball hinge shoulders, butterfly joints, swivel hinge elbows, revolver joint wrists, diaphragm joint, ball hips, thigh swivel, swivel hinge knees and ankle hinge and pivot. It can look up and down pretty well. The elbows bend just about ninety degrees both forwards and back. It can bend forward and back a little. It can tilt it's body to the sides more. In order to raise the legs more you'll need to swivel the leg slightly first to get the armour piece out of the way. The knees bend slightly under ninety degrees.

The shoulder pads have a small hinge. They only move a tiny bit and they restrict it from raising its arms straight up.   

Comparison shots. The Dark Trooper should be taller. I went and checked out some clips. It should stand a head above Mando.

The Dark Trooper is a good figure. It's big and imposing and has decent articulation. I would like to get more but the prices nowadays.... going to have to wait for a sale for another one. Thanks for viewing. 

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Fantastic figure.