Monday, July 11, 2022

G.I.Joe Classified Series Sgt. Stalker

Here's a look at the G.I.Joe Classified Sgt. Stalker.

Sgt. Stalker is among the earliest Joes to feature in the cartoon and in the comics. Toy wise I passed on the old 3.75" figure as he only came with a machine gun if I recall correctly. Back then it was all about the accessories. More the better. Cause same price, more value. Lol. We don't have to worry about the amount of accessories with the Classified figure. He comes with plenty as you'll see in a bit.

Sgt. Stalker is dressed in an olive green camouflage uniform. I say olive green but it's more of a grey with a tinge of olive green. His torso is of a little lighter shade than the rest of his body. The figure is all new. Like with the Cobra twins, his arms and legs are pinless! There's a good amount of wrinkles and creases on his shirt and sleeves. The collar and sleeve ends have a what do you call it... tubular sort of design sculpted on. There are a couple of pockets on his sleeves. His pants is textured. And there's great detail for the boot. The harness, holster and knife sheath are separate pieces. There's great detail on them. You can make out the clips and the webbing of the straps. There's a sculpted grenade and knife on the harness which are not removable. There were painted olive green which you may not be able to differentiate in the pics.    

I would not want to mess with Sgt. Stalker. He has a strict and fierce appearance. Being one of the early Joes I like that they made him older. He has quite a bit of wrinkles and facial lines on his face. His eyebrows and moustache is thick and have some light shading in it, giving them a greying appearance. The greying is not reflected in his buzz cut hair. I do like that the hair gets lighter towards the ears. He has a line cut on the left side of his head. Does he actually have that? In any case it's a nice bit of added detail.

Accessories. He comes with a machine gun, an ammo pouch for the machine gun, a submachine gun, a magazine for the submachine gun, a pistol, a suppressor, a machine gun pouch, a knife and a shemagh. I hope I got the names right.

Also included is a beret which I missed out including in the pic above. It fits his head well. The gold insignia on the front was sculpted on. 

He can hold the pistol and knife well. The suppressor pegs into the barrel of the pistol.

The pistol, suppressor and knife may be carried on his person as you see below.

The machine gun has great detail on it. There's a hole underneath for the ammo pouch. I like that the bullets were painted. Ensure the bullets are pointing forward and you'll have the correct way for the pouch to be inserted. The bullets will line up nicely into the chamber. Very nice!  

The submachine gun is his original weapon. It has nice detail on it and you can attach the magazine into the slot at the bottom. The magazine has sculpted grip on it in order to be held better. 

The submachine gun may be stored in the pouch. There's also a slot for the magazine. The pouch is textured and has several straps, clips and compartments on it. The pouch may be pegged into his back. 

The shemagh is textured and has several layers of material to it. You also can make out the horizontal stitching on it. And the edges are frayed. It's a very well detailed piece. You'll need to remove his head in order for him to wear it. Here's how he looks fully equipped.   

Articulation. He's got a dumbbell joint upper neck, dumbbell joint lower neck, ball hinge shoulders, butterfly joints, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, swivel and up and down hinge right wrist, swivel hinge left wrist, ab crunch, ball joint waist, ball hips on drop down hinge, thigh swivel, double jointed knees, boot swivel and ankle hinge and pivot. Looking up and down is just decent. It's not as much as I would have liked. The ab crunch allows a good click forward and back. 

Comparison shots.

Great figure! Great articulation and I love the amount of accessories. Thanks for viewing! 


GIJigsaw said...

Looks fantastic. He was always one of my favorites, probably because he was the second Joe I ever got. Short Fuze was the first.

Owl Eye Comics said...

Snake Eyes and Stalker were my first two Joes I got back in the day. I had to bite down on this one!