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G.I.Joe Classified Series Tomax & Xamot Paoli

Something's wrong with my eyes! I'm seeing double! Four figures...

I was kidding about seeing double. I did think something was wrong though. Or maybe I'm confused. I'm not sure which character should be which. Now I am not up to date with G.I.Joe. My knowledge is limited to the cartoons and comics from the 90s and earlier. So I Googled it. Wiki describes Tomax as the one with his hair parted on his right side and Xamot on his left. And Xamot has the scar on his right cheek. The issue is which side the pauldron should be on. From most pics I looked up Tomax has the pauldron  on his left shoulder and Xamot on his right. That's the look I'll be going with. 

Below is how the figures look like out of the package. I also included a pic from the old cartoon for reference.

Tomax (L), Xamot

Xamot (L), Tomax

With regards to the scar some pics of Xamot has it on right  and some pics has it on his left. I'm not sure which side it should be. I always thought it was on his right. A change could have been done in comics or a cartoon which I'm not aware of. Please let me know if you know. 

For this review I'm going with what I'm familiar with.   


Also note that I do not have the figures from the Storm Shadow wave so I don't know if any parts are reused from those figures.

The Cobra roster is filling up! I'm liking the twins Tomax and Xamot. Their look is very much how they appeared in the old RAH cartoon. I'm glad Hasbro kept it that way and didn't modernise them too much. Below is my "Tomax". He has on a plain shirt and pants, both of which have lots of creases and wrinkles in them. The V of his shirt was sculpted. The pants have some horizontal stitching it. The arms and legs are pinless! The Cobra logo was well printed on. The pauldron and sash is a separate piece. The bands, belt and the armour on his thighs which resemble hooded cobras are separate pieces stuck on. The crotch armour piece has the look of a mouth of a cobra and has fangs. The boots have some sculpted design on them and I like that they painted some black on the back. The red cone shaped armour at the knees are part of the boots. They do not get in the way of articulation.

Click images to enlarge.  

Tomax has a great head sculpt. The likeness is good. They successfully captured his look from the old cartoon and comics. He has a cunning look about him. He kinda looks like an evil Tom Cruise from some angles. The head sculpt for the twins is different. Tomax has a raised left eyebrow. His facial features were well painted. The hair is parted at his right side and has good detail in it.

Xamot is basically the mirror image of Tomax. The figure used is the same with certain elements switched to the opposite side.  

Xamot has a scar on his left cheek. The scar was sculpted on. Props to Hasbro for doing that and not simply painting it on. The eyebrows are more level. His hair is parted on his left side. You can get a better look at the pauldron below. I like that it has sculpted rivets on it. 

The pualdron and sash is removable. The pauldron pegs into the back of the figure and it doesn't shift around too much.

If you're looking to give them suited bodies, the hole in the head is too small for the Marvel Legends neck peg. The head may be placed on it though and it looks decent enough.

Accessories. They each come with a rifle, a silencer, a gun clip and two kris.

The rifles have nice sculpted detail on it. They are just plain black in colour. The silencer and clip may be attached onto the rifle. 

The kris look small in their hands. At least they are able to hold them decently enough. The two kris may be stored in the sheaths at their waist and boot.

Articulation. They both have a dumbbell joint upper neck, dumbbell joint lower neck, ball hinge shoulders, butterfly joints, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, swivel and up and down hinge wrists, ab crunch, ball joint waist, ball hips on drop down hinge, thigh swivel, double jointed knees, boot swivel and ankle hinge and pivot. They can look up and down decently. There's not much range for the butterfly joints. Elbows and knees have good bend. The pauldron is flexible so they can raise their arms straight up. There's not much bend at the waist. The red upper armour portion of the boots may look awkward in some poses as they stick up. 

Below shows how much they can bend forward and back. 

Action shots.

Comparison shots.

Both great figures! I probably should not have swapped the heads around. It's bound to cause some confusion in the community cause not everyone reads my blog. Oh well it's done... Thanks for viewing! 

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