Monday, October 3, 2016

GameStart 2016 Game Feature: Slashy Hero by The Gentlebros

Slashy Hero is an isometric dungeon crawler game developed by The Gentlebros, a Singapore based company. The game was actually released last year in October and it is coming up on its First Anniversary. I only got to know of the game during the GameStart 2016 Press Conference last week. Intrigued, I downloaded it and I've been enjoying it so far.   

Slashy Hero is very much a Halloween themed game. The story revolves around an evil mansion which has stolen all the sweets. Without the sweets Halloween will be ruined! Not if our hero (you) has got anything to say about it. There are currently 87 levels to get through. You will have to slash your way through various enemies, negotiate obstacles, defeat bosses and the most important of all, collect candy.

The gameplay is simple. You move around by holding the spot where you like your hero to move. Alternatively you can draw a line from your hero to where you want him to go. This is actually how you attack the various ghosts and monsters. You have to draw your line through them, at times repeatedly if they have high health and our hero will slash through them. Your attack range is limited. Note the blue bar in the following pic. You can only move/attack as far as it allows. Also you are not restricted to straight lines. You can have him turn and move in circles if you desire. 

Things start out easy at first but get more hectic as you progress. Do plan where your hero ends up at the end of the line you draw. You do not want him to land up in a group of enemies. The key is to keep slashing so as to not allow the enemies a chance to hit you. 

Obstacles can cause great damage. But you know what, those same obstacles can also be used to your advantage as they cause damage to the enemy as well. 

Enemies drop candy once you have killed them and it is necessary to collect as much as you can so as to use it to increase your stats.  

Increasing your stats will make things a little easier and help with the boss encounters which can be quite tough.

Not to worry if you die in game as certain levels are checkpoints where you can restart from. You can also revive on the level you died by using gems. But those are hard to come by and I prefer to keep them till I seriously want to use them. You could purchase more gems with real currency if you like.

Some levels have secret areas so it is a good idea to look out for candy hovering in the black spaces. You can also sometimes find items there.  

Speaking of which I have not mentioned the collectable costume parts and equipment which enemies sometimes drop or found in chests. You can equip the items on your hero to change his appearance. Certain items can increase your stats as well. There are currently 102 items to collect. As you can see, I have a long way to go. All the more reason to keep playing to find them.

For a different challenge there is a special level accessible through the Infinite portal you see on the right in the following pic. In it you have to slash through wave after wave of enemies. It can get very intense! A good thing about this level is you can collect candy and items from here as well. 

Slashy Hero is a fun, simple game. The game is easy to get a hang of and the visuals are attractive and cute. Slashy Hero is available on iOS and on Android, and will soon be available for PC. Check it out at The Gentlebros booth (Booth A3) at GameStart 2016! See you there!

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