Monday, December 16, 2019

Marvel Legends Series Vulture (Demogoblin BAF)

Hello there! Here's a look at the Marvel Legends Vulture from the Demogoblin BAF series.

The Vulture has landed. He's a decent looking figure overall and he can certainly stand better than the Toy Biz version. I just can't help but feel disappointed though. And that is due to how his suit turned out. I wished that the lines of his suit were painted throughout. Hasbro got lazy by only painting them on the front of his torso and upper arms. And then trying to have it "fade" into the rest of his costume by transitioning the green tones. Really! There's not much else to his suit as you can see. The body reuses the Pizza Spider-man body with new arms with the slits in them. The furry collar is a separate piece. His hands I feel are a little too big. One thing I do like is the head sculpt which I think they did an excellent job with. More on that later with the close-ups.

Accessories. He comes with an alternate head and four separate wing pieces. The included BAF part is the head of Demogoblin.

The wings are more mechanical in appearance than feathery. I was hoping they would be feathery... They have good shape to them and at least the lines on them appear throughout on both sides. The underside of the wing is pictured below right. I like how the green tones blend. I also like how they designed the wings where the two sections overlap. They actually bothered to lower/raise the area where they meet so there's less chance the two sections will knock into each other. Very nice! 

The wing pieces peg securely into the slits in his arms. They'll stay on with no issues in your display. Expect them to drop off when posing him.

Vulture has an excellent head sculpt. They captured his likeness really well and I like his sinister, smiling expression. His age is showing. You can make out plenty of wrinkles and facial lines. Click images to enlarge. He's also got painted age spots. His eyes appear more sunken thanks to the pinkish hue around his eyes. The eyes were very well painted.

He comes with an alternate helmeted head. If I'm not wrong I think the helmet was worn more by the second Vulture, Blackie Drago. Going by the colour of of the eyebrows and wrinkles on his face I believe this alternate head is still of Adrian Toomes. They should have done a Blackie Drago head sculpt. It might have made me pick up another of this figure for character completeness. On the subject of head sculpts, I wouldn't mind if they included a youthful version of Toomes. Now that would be something. 

This head sculpt is different and features him with a neutral expression. The helmet is of a soft vinyl material and is textured. The textured surface of the helmet to me does not go along with the smooth look of the rest of the figure. He looks a little awkward with it. 

Articulation. He's got a ball hinge neck, ball hinge shoulders, butterfly joints, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, swivel hinge wrists, ab crunch, waist rotation, ball hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot.

Comparison shots. The Toy Biz version beats this in terms of appearance. 

Vulture is just an okay figure for me. He looks decent and is able to stand well. Just for that I just might use him in the display. Thanks for viewing!


foldabotZ said...

Ah, you had to the last picture for the meme. Nice.

J Hernandez said...

Awesome to see you back, man! And great work!

Toyssuck said...

Awesome review. Glad to have you back again.

Jason said...

Thanks all!

@J Hernandez - Recently came across your Youtube channel. I was thinking the name seemed familiar. Awesome vids!

AZUREUS said...

where you bought it? I was watching video reviews and the figures have holes in the shoulders, but your figure has them in the arms